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The country pings adversary gets together treasure island big training
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Beijing time on August 24, the ace of team of proper China ping-pong people when preparing the 15th round of ping on the weekend to exceed league matches, in what Taipei holds Chinese Taipei made public contest to end the first round to be being surpassed 2007.

The majority world table tennis circles except Chinese player is all ace of male and female, attended this match. Among them, player of the Japan in female athlete and Singapore player become the mainest battle array; And player of the Korea in male team and the European player that are a delegate with Burr, Samusuonuofu, it is its brunt.

   Female ping: Blessing loves to give Japan of bureau Singapore antagonism formerly

The female sheet that ends now in Beijing time in the first round of match, the biggest an unexpected winner is former love of blessing of famous general of Japan of conquer of 4-2 of Korea player Wen Xuanjing. Bilateral match of the first bureau, wen Xuanjing obtains a victory with 11-4, although blessing loves to break even bureau cent with 11-7 formerly, wen Xuanjing exceeds bureau cent again with 11-5 again. Subsequently, blessing loves to break even with 13-11 formerly score. But next Wen Xuanjing is obtained with 11-6, 15-13 subsequently the victory of two bureaus.

Singapore female will be in the first round li of performance is excellent, li Jiawei overcomes Sandra · Bao Wei of Luodeya with 4-3 conquer; Sun Beibei the pace jumping over Qi with 4-1 conquer Japan; Just turned can arrive of Singapore before Heilongjiang female Feng Tianwei with 4-3 conquer, feng Tianwei ever was a country 2 teams team member, at present world rank is 73; Wang Yue is ancient with Jing Kuanzi of cane of player of 4-1 conquer Japan. The world is risen to Yu Mengyu of 59 Singapore young general from 71 by the rank this month, with 1-4 not enemy E of 璟 of gold of Korea famous general.

Although,Japan is opposite loss 3 generals, but they take part in the match the number is numerous, because this still has better player,kill enter the 2nd round. Golden 沢 咲 hopes to overcome Baoluosi of Luo Deya's player with 4-2 conquer; The Zhu Fang of Spain of conquer of 4-1 of Fugang spring dish; The Li Enji of Korea of conquer of sweet 4-1 of champaign early arrow; Gao Jun of veteran of United States of win by a narrow margin of 4-3 of 樋 Pu Lingzi; Additional, billabong of Japanese player cane inferior garment 3-4 not enemy German Wu Jia is much.

Singapore and Japanese player form female sheet round of main member, the engage in a battle between two teams team member will be become this second what surpass female only competition publicly is thematic.

Male ping: Yang Zi is washed out Europe of day Han antagonism

In male player, 2-4 of Singapore player Yang Zi not enemy the Yin Zairong of Korea, it is not quite not little sth. recieves little attention.

The Samusuonuofu of White Russia the Long Kui with 4-2 conquer Sweden this special; The little a place of strategic importance of Belgium of win by a narrow margin of 4-3 of husband of division of German player Ross nots; German young general abstruse world rank of Qialuofu rises from 51 original 30, a month rises 21. He is advanced before long the Zhu Shihe of Korea team teammate that Liu Chengmin of champion of male single of Athenian Olympic Games and Liu Chengmin beat unexpectedly in Japanese open competition. This match the first round he is over with 4-0 get the better of player of a Korea; The Wu Zhiqi of Taipei of China of conquer of 4-0 of Er of shellfish of Czech player family; Swedish Peiersen Zhang Yu of player of Hong Kong of 4-1 conquer China; The Burr of male single player with the famousest Germany blocks Lakasheweiji with black player of 4-1 conquer a place of strategic importance. Below the circumstance that enters the contest without main force of Chinese nation group, the advantage of European player is clearer still.
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