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Ball game of ping-pong of Beijing blame general economy closes pat 48 companies
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Take an active part in body building of the whole people to promote Beijing to be not staff of state ownership company, compose builds harmonious industry, build good Olympic Games humanitarian environment, recently, by Beijing business association, Beijing illicit assist sponsorred “ Beijing is not friendship of general economy ping-pong to surpass ” to be in club of ping-pong of base of headquarters of Fujian dragon pottery and porcelain to hold. 48 staff that are not state ownership enterprise entered the contest.

Serve as a when be not general economy, base of headquarters of Fujian dragon pottery and porcelain heats up heart masses to gymnastic is organized and be begun, from last year since second half of the year, held tournament of 20 community ping-pong, got the welcome of broad masses, also got the affirmation of the government sector such as center of Beijing company put oneself in another's position at the same time, become blame general economy enthusiastic gymnastic model.

Before the match, still passed " Beijing is not general economy to greet Olympic Games proposal " , the proposal is not general economy to devote into “ to greet an Olympic Games, in telling activity of ” of new wind of civilized, tree, exhibit elegant demeanour of civilian battalion enterprise, enterprise of compose civilian battalion is harmonious, company of hurried civilian battalion grows, hold the Olympic Games of a Gao Shuiping successfully for Beijing, make oneself contribution. (Pure)

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