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Ping ball Taipei surpasses crosscurrent of a dark horse: Er of Li Jiawei winning
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Beijing time on August 26 afternoon, chinese Taipei made public contest to end all and all match 2007. Although this match takes part in the match without China and player of Chinese Hong Kong, but the intense rate the slightest amount or degree of the match was not reduced. Of Germany abstruse Qialuofu and partner of teammate Su Si obtain male Shuang Guanjun, abstruse Qialuofu still is connected again in male single match destroy Zhu Shihe, Liu Chengmin. Female one-sided, just turned can arrive Singapore before long young general Feng Tianwei obtains champion of 21 years old of the following groups not only, still be defeated to obtain runner-up at Li Jiawei in the cherish in the match of grown group.

Male double: German combination gains the championship

The has Singapore Gao Ning that enters Bencibi to surpass male Shuang Sijiang / the Yang Zi, Jin Ting 勳 of Korea / Lin Zaixian and Japan combine bank plain emperor also / of Shui Gusun and Germany abstruse.

Look from the angle of Chinese team, singapore and Korea the minatory sex of these two pairs of players is not big. And bank plain emperor also / the expression that this pair of Japan combine Shui Gusun is worth us to pay close attention to, on the world ping contest this year, these two players combine Hao Shuai in China of conquer of the 4-1 in 1/8 final / Ma Long, explode an one big an unexpected winner.

Ping to the country for, the main rival of male line still is Korea and Germany, but we should notice Japan of Asian tradition powerful group in recent years movement, the ascensive strength of their new show is greater, ping to the country the potential menace that cause also grows day and day. Fortunately today's Taipei surpasses male double semifinal publicly in, abstruse Qialuofu / bank of win by a narrow margin of Su Si 4-3 plain emperor also / Shui Gusun, hit the ascendant impetus of Japanese fresh troops well.

In final male double final, abstruse Qialuofu / Su Si coulds there be high with 4-1 conquer / Yang Zi obtains champion.

Female double: Japan does not have predestined relationship final likewise

Be in female double in the first round of match, the golden 璟 E of Korea / Piao Meiying the Feng Tianwei with 4-1 conquer Singapore / Wang Yue is ancient. But female double the 2nd round, cany billabong of Japan inferior the garment / blessing loves to wash out combination of this pair of Korea with 4-2 formerly.

In female Shuang Sijiang, with respect to Jing Kuanzi having a cane / billabong of small Xi Xing, cane inferior the garment / blessing loves player of two pairs of Japan formerly, but these two pairs of players fail to enter finals this morning. Singapore combines Li Jiawei / Sun Beibei with Jing Kuanzi of 4-1 conquer cane / small Xi Xing; Gao Jun / Shen Yan flies the 4-0 of the combination that cross a country of this pair of United States and Spain is over billabong success a cane inferior the garment / blessing loves formerly, combination of Japan of 4 bureaus match gets 20 minutes only in all.
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