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Chinese Taipei ping-pong makes public lord of male single of Suo Nuofu of Mu of
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Taipei on August 26 report (Ceng Jia of reporter Dong Huifeng) Taipei ping-pong of 4 days surpasses by a definite date publicly 26 days to cry afternoon gold, suo Nuofu of Mu of Sa of ” of evergreen tree of White Russia “ beats Burr of German famous general, carry off men's singles champion reachs money award of 17 thousand dollars.

The world ranks the Burr of the 4th, it is the number one seeded player of this second match; World of husband of Nuo of Sa Mu all alone is ranked the 5th, list 2 seeds. But the male single final that holds 26 days afternoon presents ” of “ lean to one side, wave Er error again and again, samusuonuofu is firm in the belt is fierce, fall continuously 4 bureaus win victory.

Amphitryon player performance is average, have Zhuang Zhiyuan only one person infiltrates male single 8 strong.

Woman respect, singapore is become the biggest win the home, 4 people enter female Chan Bajiang, “ 2 osmund final of ” join forces. In finals, li Jiawei with 4 than 2 beat teammate Feng Tianwei, carry off the itinerate of profession of couplet of ping of the first international this year surpasses the individual champion. Feng Tianwei is returned first 21 years old of the following female Chan Guanjun in income bursa.

This Taipei makes public contest, share 177 athletes that come from 26 countries and area to sign up. Because the mainland is top ball hand and Liu Chengmin of Korea famous general are absent, the match is inferior many.

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