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Beijing of ping-pong of the whole people is fervent ultimate winner will challen
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Issue beautiful of brand of famous motion beverage by 100 works division the happy “ beautiful that initiates an organization gets ping-pong of happy the whole people to divide competion area match than spelling ” greatly at last weekend fervent open gong, ” of storm of ping-pong of this “ the whole people is swept across above all Xuan Wu, Shi Jingshan, Haidian and on the west city 4 the city zone.

Of announce military division in field is being surpassed to install v/arc be on the throne to at Ma Lian first in wide outside community service center, although the match wants to just began at 9 o'clock, but a lot of person that sign up show up early. The reporter is in the spot is to see the “ with many uncommon skill allows professional ” player more, one comes from the schoolboy of Beijing sports university, in Lian Sheng 4 epigenesis is a city promote above all in 8 areas the player of intermediary heat, and he claims ultimate goal is “ challenge Zhang Yi peaceful ” ; And another young player Li Jin of 11 years old is in the argue of as grown as player, spelled interest to obtain a victory by right of what calf is born to not be afraid of a tiger first, encounter strong opponent next regrettablly, go no further 32 strong. His father is attendant all the time the whole process that the edge photographs collection son match with DV, call this the main chance that him challenge is the child to.

It is reported, came 3 days on September 2, this second activity still will be in the rising sun, east division of stage of city, Chong Wenhe abundant develops the additionally 4 contest at the beginning of field, each competion area will produce 4 winners to march intermediary heat, and the urban final that in September the middle ten days of a month will hold Beijing, the player that obtains title of ” of “ city champion finally will challenge all wool and a yard wide world champion Zhang Yi to could there be. (Beijing morning paper)


Beijing of ping-pong of the whole people is fervent ultimate winner will challenge a gong Zhang Yi is peaceful

Unripe calf is not afraid of a tiger first

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