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Ping-pong folk ace signs up actively to beginning definitely see large award flo
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Sichuan news network - Chengdu business signs up for dispatch

Since long rainbow should hold a country after the message get about that ball large award surpasses, attracted numerous ping-pong lover to sign up eagerly, the civilian match that this everybody expects is about to pull open heavy curtain. Chinese ping-pong sits firmly all the time 50 years world head an ancient folding chair, long rainbow also has the history of 50 years of constantly strive to become stronger, be full of innovation spirit likewise, same bosom glory and dream. Today is the last day that challenge of family of joy of ping-pong of ” of cup of 2007“ long rainbow signs up, tomorrow (on September 15) in the morning 9 when 30 minutes, the match will be in house of ping-pong of Chengdu of school of ping-pong of the Chengdu City (give a hot pursuit bay street 6) open contest formally. The level of Chengdu folk ping-pong after all how? Is Chengdu numerous integrated competition ability of the family after all how? Be about players take actual strength to prove.

The reporter is in yesterday sponsor an unit to understand, take part in the match the family comes from Chengdu each community, basically take part in the match what the age centers in 25 ~ 35 years old at most is medium green phase, in addition, the person that teenager and Laonian sign up also is absent a few. Many people in them ever were the “ that ping-pong of this this unit, community calendar year surpasses 3 armour ” . A gentleman that surnames Liu still goes up in column of application form remarks filling in: Group of youth of man of match of ×× village ping-pong 2004 ~ 2006 3 Lian Guan!

This year in March, long rainbow becomes Chinese ping-pong team formally advocate sponsor, drive ping-pong motion actively to gain ground to plan with fitness of the whole people. Long rainbow is held challenge of ping-pong joy family, promote “ joy to create the brand of C life ” to advocate just about, offer “ joy to create the life experience of ” for broad consumer.

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