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2007 " long rainbow cup " ping-pong family contest rings down the curtain agglom
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On October 21, the Yin Qiufei inside house of ping-pong of rainbow of in relief mayor of Sichuan province continous is dance, happy fly upwards, accompanying challenge of family of joy of ping-pong of ” of cup of 2007“ long rainbow of match of the 3rd station each groups fasten champion to arise, also proclaim play of 3 many months, tournament exceeds this last a period of time 10 thousand cross contest of area ping-pong amateur to ring down the curtain satisfactorily. The concept development popular feeling of ” of the “ joy life that match place advocates, happy creation, plain change earth lover of many 2500 spare ping-pong is collective the distinct personality of proud ” of long rainbow of ball “ ping-pong, China deduces a country another amorous feelings.

This second match is pinged by China assist ping-pong team of approval, China advocate group of sponsor —— long rainbow is sponsorred, initiated home to serve as with the family first sign up take part in the match the beginning of main body form. The match is started from August 17, chongqing of all previous classics, Chengdu and continous this world 3 stations match. China pings assist relevant controller expresses on closure, no matter be from take part in the match in light of the report after occasion of number, match or each square contest, this the match has become China to ping assist with the enterprise hand in hand, the successful example that popularizes ping-pong motion jointly; And than at popularly area amateur the match takes part in the match the number is not worth 300 people and character, every ground is close 1000 people sign up the miracle that took part in the match to also achieve match of amateur of plain change ping-pong; More partial family uses ground of summer vacation different to take part in the match, turned the competition into the brigade ” of itinerate of “ family joy, also can mirror the masses base with solid ball going abroad and long rainbow group to surpass the clever design that show originality to the family from this. Review match whole journey, a 3 “ group fights “ of ” , husband and wife defies together ” , children the setting of “ gout PK” cans be found everywhere, long rainbow family surpasses the arena that already was ping-pong motion not only, more the joy that becomes agglomeration to kiss affection meets.

The flat color television that the winner of the match still obtained long rainbow group to offer at the same time, mobile phone, air conditioning, MP3 rich and generous large award, the ” of “ champion character that there is an opportunity to appreciate long rainbow product more while joy experiences ping-pong moves. And fail to obtain those who get award to take part in the match the family shows match result heartily also is not the most important, the process that shares healthy motion, pleasurable experience together with family just is their biggest gains, and the concept that the “ joy that this also was reflecting long rainbow group to always be advocated creates C life ” . According to organizing committee introduction, contest of family of joy of long rainbow ping-pong still will be in henceforth more countrywide cities spread out, and creation joy, experience joy and the gist that transmitting joy is a match are in.
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