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Contest of favorite ping-pong friendship is held in Milan
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Xinhua net Rome on November 5 report (reporter Yang Aiguo) as the warm up of Beijing Olympic Games was surpassed 2008, team of Chinese country ping-pong and Italian team undertook in Milan a wonderful friendship is surpassed 5 days late.

Undertook in all that day male, female match of each 4 singles. The male team member that Chinese team enters the court includes Wang Liqin, Marlene, Wang Hao and Ma Long, female athlete has Zhang Yi peaceful, Wang Nan, Guo Yan and Fan Ying, italian team also expedited actual strength to send a player. Final, the man in dividing Italian team ranks first horse · Meng Dailuo and horse · Ke Luodi with 1: The identical score of 3 is defeated by Chinese player respectively outside, the result of other game all is Italian team member with 0: 3 be defeated by Chinese team member.

When Liu Guoliang is accepting phone of reporter of Xinhua News Agency to interview, practice of bishop of Chinese male team says, chinese ping-pong team is surpassed to attending this friendship take seriously very much, expedited the athlete with national the most preeminent group. He says, match result is not important, the hope can promote the feeling between two countries people and friendship through the match, for aggrandizement affiliation of favorite two countries develops positive effect.

Anxious · of director of bureau of sports of Milanese municipal government ever expressed especially together before this, he hopes to pass this match the friendship of people of can promotional two countries, the ” of “ unpleasant incident that the Chinese that because happened in Milan April this year,gives up and constabulary conflict cause gives two countries people national misunderstanding.

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