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Force of labor of grand ceremony of 2007 countries ball waits for battalion of a
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Hunan is defended inspect "2007 special " of battalion of assemble for training of the Europe in grand ceremony of pace country ball today (on November 6) in Changsha 1000 Long Husheng condition travel in the morning go vacationing the village opens battalion formally. The 6 China boy that plays battalion of ping-pong assemble for training and 6 Europe teenager, will be in two before of national champion Wang Tao and Liu Wei guide below, the concentration that undertakes by a definite date 20 days trains.

Open battalion ceremonially, 12 young athletes appear one by one, held ceremony of majestic banner rising battalion. As we have learned, they will extend training around the group inside 20 days of time, physical ability, skill, psychology checks, individual antagonism spread out overall have a trial of strength, the choose with layer upon layer course and fall into disuse, will be born finally 4 winners enter the Hunan that held in December to defend inspect "2007 special ping-pong of " of grand ceremony of pace country ball in fine time activity, get challenging world-class the opportunity of athlete of top class ping-pong. Slave station of Hunan TV station grows Introduction Liang Ruiping, this special one of early days activities that battalion of assemble for training of the Europe in the pace is " of grand ceremony of ball of country of the 4th " . "2007 special cent of " of grand ceremony of pace country ball is ping-pong of " of battalion of assemble for training of the Europe in " , " " of total championship of fine time " and " world ping-pong 3 much. As international ping couplet, China pinged on November 1 last year assist collective decision upgrades " of grand ceremony of " country ball for total championship of ping-pong of world of " of match of international class A " , this activity also became table tennis circles a of annual end every great match. Because take part in the match,the qualification ranks a decision by integral of current player international, and final match result, also will decide who can ascend the throne of total champion of year world ping-pong, these worlds top class ace people will come for contention honour honor assembles in Changsha.

" of grand ceremony of ball of this "2007 country with halo of " country ball, the world shares " to give priority to a problem, battalion of assemble for training of the Europe in starting aims to show a country to countrywide fan the future of the ball, these 12 young athletes represent it is an individual only not just, also be the future that world ping-pong moves. 6 come from China, 6 come from Europe, because,also be before long in the future, the extremely possible out that contends for honor for respective motherland on international table tennis circles they. Special pace (China) limited company leader expresses, in battalion of Europe assemble for training not only the level that of training is young players, it is to pass the ping-pong culture communication between so different country more, let Chinese ping-pong marrow and culture undertake transmission as the match of " of grand ceremony of " country ball, share with the world.
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