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Member of exploration China characteristic makes road ping-pong sing song of fit
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Since look nation group carried off for our country 1959 after champion of the first world, the development that the ping-pong moves is linked together cheek by jowl with national situation and need all the time. Be in nowadays domain of sports of high level athletics, chinese ping-pong team has been the world overlord of be worthy of. What “ innovates again in ping-pong of the China below new condition however is brilliant, still should be in make an issue of of respect of fitness of the whole people, add plain says vice director of department of group of total bureau of ” country sports.

“ begins from 50 time end, the ping-pong made outstanding contribution for the country all the time. Below new condition, people gets more full-scale development is party and a when various government pays close attention to serious problem. ” add plain think, move in what this respect ping-pong loves as by people or be well worth doing, in the sports fitness that develops a ping-pong space of recreational market respect is returned very big. Xu Shaofa of president of finite liability company expresses the 3 vessel sports of total coach, Beijing before Chinese ping-pong team: Although “ is a few more Euramerican now the ping-pong athletics domain in Gao Shuiping and our level differs the developed country very far, but the ping-pong activity of their a few of a mass character does prosperously however. ”

Of course, driving athletics while sports develops, china pings assist also undertaking revolutionary attempt in domain of motion of ping-pong of of a mass character of late, rolled out a service 2007 the league matches of member of CTTA China ping-pong at broad ping-pong lover. “ compares attention all the time to department of this match group, because this league matches was 2007,be above all a very serious content in fitness of the whole people and activity of series of Olympic Games person of the same trade, the ping-pong is an item that our country develops very generally, lover is numerous, the ping-pong activity of of a mass character is particularly welcome. ” add plain say, chinese ping-pong team is preparing for war with all one's strength now Beijing Olympic Games, pressure is very great, below this kind of circumstance China pings assist roll out a such new matches even now, courage and spirit are very laudable.

The tentative plan of league matches of member of “ China ping-pong is grand, involve a face very wide, can carry out in the Fu Zhu inside short time really very not easy. Although a lot of problems had not wanted to understand, but dare to be explored in practice, the trial that passes this one year obtained very good effect, driving a member to make the construction respect with local association, put forward the problem of sex of a lot of train of thought to everybody, the contest also got the welcome of broad ping-pong lover, offerred a platform that reveal and communicates for everybody really. ” add plain say, “ divides station contest and 1 station total final through 11, league matches of Chinese ping-pong member had formed certain dimensions and influence inside countrywide limits, travel together to sing fitness of noisy the whole people and Olympic Games this theme, made very large contribution. ”
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