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Ping-pong member league matches not anxious marries: Fitness of the whole people
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(Xiamen on December 24 report) although the league matches of member of CTTA China ping-pong that was born 2007 returns malcontent one full year of life, but had stridden solid the first condition on the development road of brand match. Total final of league matches of member of CTTA China ping-pong was in cup of 10 thousand outstanding grand 2007 on December 24 Xiamen is held, the match of this sports season has not ended entirely, already the sponsor stares at the league matches that went up to issue sports season. After “ divides a station to surpass an end in 11, this match had formed certain consequence, already name of coronal of 3 two businessman desire undertakes now the match of next sports season, total bureau of ” country sports pings 2 ministers Qing Shanglin says a central ping-pong.

“ because time is brasher, when just starting this year, this league matches is very difficult, later company of 10 thousand outstanding grand is to holding the manner coronal name that have a try in the arms to sponsor this match. ” Qing Shanglin says, we are determined to roll out member league matches is to be based on us to want to build system of a service for broad ping-pong lover, and member league matches serves the mainest platform in the system namely. At the same time we still rolled out integral system, spot office system, award in serving a system system and will develop even henceforth shop dozen fold guidance system of system and celebrity itinerate. These are the component that serve a system, but our job needs successive, want to do our match more wonderfully namely above all, have more brand effect, influential force more.

“ had accumulated certain practice experience through dividing what the station surpasses 11 times to hold us this year. ” Qing Shanglin thinks, next the mainest is the member that various association still needs to raise pair of Chinese ping association further make the understanding with league matches of member of CTTA China ping-pong. “ pings to each district assist for holding member league matches is a method not be a purpose, pass league matches hold, want to had begun the work that expands a member further in a planned way, purposefully, the match of a traditional brand in making member league matches becomes activity of fitness of the whole people of our country ping-pong, rise to develop the bibcock action of the member, pass member league matches thereby this contest platform, the lover that has deep love for ping-pong motion agglomeration is together, ability of ball of mutual compare notes communicates a thought. ”

Review the road of the development of the first sports season, league matches of member of CTTA China ping-pong had shown extremely powerful appeal force, it is especially during total final, the communication between spare player is returned actually by direct seeding of spot of Xiamen TV station, “ is in the contest dividing a station previously, we had tried hookup, but this returns spot direct seeding is first time, this makes our lover organic also can experience direct seeding is what feeling. ” Qing Shanglin says, the main meaning that begins activity of fitness of the whole people is appeal and influence more masses organizations and individual participate in sports activity, on this meaning our member league matches had obtained righter result in the first year.
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