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Kampuchea capital is held " He Xinchun greets big league matches of Olympic Game
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Xinhua net is gilt-edged on December 29 report (road of Liu of reporter Xia Lin) “ He Xinchun greets day of ”29 of big league matches of Olympic Games ping-pong to be held in Kampuchea capital Phnom Penh. This the match is stationed in director of card embassy, card China by China chamber of commerce of China of total meeting, Kampuchea and business of live abroad of Kampuchea HongKong and Macow always are met hold jointly, by a definite date two days.

China is stationed in card ambassador Zhang Jinfeng to say on the opening ceremony, the Chinese of several ten million that reside abroad is supporting Beijing Olympic Games with the means that differs severally, this match is grand meeting that they receive Beijing Olympic Games with real operation, the tradition that also reflected Chinese of all brigade card overseas Chinese to kiss consistent home, solidarity to cooperate and close affection. Kampuchea tourism minister held Tang Kun of Olympic committee chairman concurrently to also attend the opening ceremony of the match.

According to sponsorring square introduction, this match cent is organization of male and female and project of singles of male and female. Director of the mutual China embassy that enters organization contest, card China is chamber of commerce of chamber of commerce of total meeting, China, HongKong and Macow, current city guild hall and Hainan fellow villager can wait for 8 teams, those who enter singles contest is mutual 70 players, include 12 female athletes.

It is reported, the male group championship of this match will obtain 500 dollars money award, woman party championship will obtain 300 dollars money award, and champion of singles of male and female will obtain 200 dollars money award each. (Be over)

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