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The wheat that uncover secret is happy: 9 carry can show itself name battle gown
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An added ingredient strives to develop the club of ping-pong of Chongqing Kang De that exceed to be in at present intense prepare for war be about to the league matches of countrywide ping-pong first class of battle. The reporter learned from the club yesterday, the player introduces the job to go well, health heart respect is as at present famous as home already the 3 people such as player Mai Lele, Li Qian, Li Jia sign a contract formally, and with home the autograph of name player makes an appointment with another top nation the negotiation also is undertaking. From this period " weekly of Kang Deguo ball " begin, our newspaper will roll out go out for a battle of team of Chongqing Kang De in succession the team special subject of league matches of A of armour of ball of ping of whole nation of 08 sports season, concede points is confused people be familiar with quickly and understanding is newest establish this Chongqing that rise ping ball army made up of the sons of the people.

Guangdong is fierce will admire Kang De

[dot eyeball] be in club of ball of ping of profession of Chongqing head tree club of Kang De ping-pong comes to the Chongqing of old standard two years go on an expedition ping exceeds league matches and armour A league matches, the health heart club that provides human nature to change management quite already also was encircling inside and outside to win good fame. In know Kang Defang face desire is brand-new group group goes battle after the message of league matches of A of armour of 08 sports season, before Mailele of famous general of national champion, Guangdong casts an olive actively, final and successful drape Kang Dezhan gown, she also becomes the player that first formal autograph makes an appointment with club of Kang De of 08 sports season.

9 carry can show itself name battle gown adds the state personally

Mai Lele gave birth to Yu Andong in Feburary 1981 luxuriant name, and very much at that time like liking gymnastic child, pretty good Mailele is in fitness 8 years old that year by the luxuriant name city that she reads at that time pitch on of teacher of sports of the 2nd elementary school, begin osculatory country ball into team of ping-pong of school of enter a school.

Interesting is, mai Lele still has a brethren elder sister, be born earlier than her only 10 come minute, the name calls Mai Huan joyous, in addition she still has an elder brother. Although Mai Lele's parents is average worker, but with what be ping-pong lover they support two daughters to learn to hit a ping-pong very much however. Two brethrens sister spends the ping-pong that be the same as practice, this becomes a much-told story temporarily in place. Be in city 2 little practice a ball game after 3 years, behave very outstanding two sisters to was chosen to enter physical culture school of luxuriant name city together, begin training of professional ping ball. After two years, mai Lele and elder sister are taken a fancy to by Guangdong province physical culture school at the same time again. After 6 months, guangdong of two sisters make one's bow saves a team, also set foot on the road of ping ball professional from now on.
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