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Favor of deep-felt recall week comes patriarch of ping-pong of premier the Three
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How did our newspaper the Huaihe River report in electric reporter Zhang Li on March 5: 3It is Zhou En comes like-minded birthday 110 anniversary day, come from ping-pong bound of China, United States, Japan tens of patriarch assembles in Zhou En to come the Huaihe River of birthplace —— Jiangsu is installed, the great achievement that favor of week of great person of deep-felt recall generation comes to, the enormous contribution that recall week premier makes to developing Chinese sports facilities.

On invitation of Zhong Hui of Qiu of champion of the world before Lai Huaian attends Zhou En to come to what like-minded birthday commemorates an activity to have, Zheng Min, male, Li Li, Zheng conceives Liang Lizhen, Li He. They cherish the mood that esteems extremely to come to Zhou En the member that former residence and Zhou En will memorial hall looks around and proofread teenager ping-pong team to city system undertook training.

This afternoon, the Huaihe River installed city to hold favor of “ recall week to come comrade and ” of ping-pong diplomacy informal discussion, cai Zhenhua of deputy director general of national sports total bureau attends an informal discussion and speak. He says, premier Zhou is the founder of the state of new China not only, also be the founder of facilities of new China sports. 36 years ago, the Sino-US ping-pong diplomacy that himself drives, in China important import is had on diplomatic history, turned over the new page of Sino-US relation. Premier Zhou interviews team member of Chinese ping-pong team to give for many times kind instruction. Below the consideration of Premier Zhou, the Three Kingdoms of medium, beautiful, day is maintaining close connection and association from beginning to end between ping-pong athlete, built deep friendship.

On the informal discussion, the United States pings assist former chairman hopes luck the patriarch of Qiu Zhonghui of champion of world of ping-pong of the first woman of the Song Qi of · Pitman, veteran of Japanese table tennis circles that obtains world champion 7 times, China, Chinese table tennis circles that has participated in ping-pong diplomacy activity Zhang Xielin, with experiencing recall personally Zhou En comes the premier is right the kind consideration of athlete of ping-pong of medium, beautiful, day, conveyed the affection of the infinite yearning to Premier Zhou. Join those who add an informal discussion to still have: Jiangsu saves vice director of standing committee of National People's Congress, the Huaihe River to install Ding Jiemin of secretary of municipal Party committee, jiangsu saves Zhu Bulou of governmental deputy secretary-general, jiangsu saves sports director Li Yining, national sports total bureau pings a Li Zhenguo of central vice director, chinese sports signs up for king of editor in chief to esteem manage to wait.

Tonight, gymnasium was installed to still hold ping-pong of medium, beautiful, day in the Huaihe River friendly communication activity. The mixture group that by bridge of champion of bound of Chinese ping-pong preexistence Ge Liang, Tong Ling and the Huaihe River install across of Zhu Weining of minister of Yu Jun of city standing deputy mayor, organization to comprise undertook begin is performed, guo Yuehua of veteran of table tennis circles and Chen Xinhua undertook ping-pong art is performed.
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