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Walk into the history from ping-pong diplomacy - Luo Deli of person of news of s
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Luodelike and article author group photo

News is browsed on the net, a piece of familiar face greet: Argent hair and beard, ruddy face, amiable look, as if chatting with your tirelessly ……

Who is this? Not be that famous American reporter John · Luo Deli overcomes an old person!

However, that is the information of bitterness of one regulations person however: This will 60 years be mixed with Chinese revolution as construction, close together as Sino-US ping-pong diplomacy be together repeatedly, the old person that China of “ of media of the United States that be by recognition connects ” on March 11 die! Die at the age of is 93 years old.

That is to be 12 years ago, 1996, the author regards Chinese ping-pong as the reporter following a group of delegacy, head for the United States to attend Sino-US ping-pong diplomacy to celebrate an activity.

Go up when be in Hawaiian university with the party of professor, scholar, silver hair of a full head however the old person with hale and hearty spirit, appear unusually active, chat with the person a little while, a little while with person group photo. See this scene, the author feels curious, interview ahead, pass an interpreter, we are informed, the old person calls “ to writing brush · Luo Deli overcomes ” about.

Is “ Luo Deli overcome? Had you ever written associated press reporter Mr Luodelike that reports about China in great quantities that namely? ” author can'ts help a surprise. Before heading for the United States, browsing when news data, the interesting and live coverage that sees the brigade ” that visited the China, “ that be called not less to defeat ice 1971 about American ping-pong team, be like, because American becomes the excited mood of the trailblazer of Sino-US diplomacy; Had crossed the insecurity when collect lake bridge and uneasiness; On the way impressions; To the first impression of new China, premier Zhou interviews the demeanour when American ping-pong team member and humorous …… all these, come from the wording and purpose of what one writes that an associated press calls Luodelike the reporter. Undoubted this is one is interested in China very much, the senior new well-known figure that understands China very much necessarily again.

Won't do want, be in Hawaiian we unexpectedly meet by chance.

The party has ten professors, scholar to undertake lecture for the problem with ” of “ ping-pong diplomacy. But because time is limited, the time that appears on the stage each gives 10 minutes only.

Luo Deli overcomes an old person to be on dais, began his lecture. Flash half many hour went, before doing not have a person, go warning his overtime, the stage issued to ring however an enthusiastic applause:
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