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The basic configuration of mad whirlwind product
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Of mad whirlwind product configure basicallyJoin time: 2001-06-22Author: DHSI (institute of sporting goods of red double happiness) the target of research and development that commendatory optimal configuration and individual characteristic are based on DHSI and at present DHSI undertakes to the use state of the product dog analysis. The soul of ping-pong technology is changing at begging innovation, DHSI is happy see at using person configure and can obtain unexpected distinct effect what integrated circumstance undertakes the ball is provided according to oneself.

The basic configuration of mad whirlwind product

The absolutely function that covers glue depends on rubber, sponge and both between function of use sizy and integrated configuration, breaking away from any respect will not be the standard function that covers glue. Here, absolutely function is fingertip glue in variable element (the angle that bumps with the ball, strength is waited a moment) the physics of the product below the condition of relative balance and chemical function. Mad whirlwind the basic configuration of 2 is carry sea 22 sponge, mad whirlwind the basic configuration of 3 is 20 sponge, this is the product function configuration that is based on target of product research and development to fall.

Mad whirlwind 2 or mad whirlwind 3 whether can you configure other foam rubber or plastic?

From theoretic tell, the configuration of rubber and sponge does not have special limitation. A lot of athletes liked the configuration that provides from ball of advancing travel individual in the past, in order to get unexpected result. And at present the athlete basically is used " finished product " method. The ball that each brand place recommends has property is standard function, but if use " chart of random dot an affectionate couple " method, like mad whirlwind 2 match 20# sponge, mad whirlwind 3 match 22# sponge have not cannot, can use the sponge of other trademark even, but hind because a kind of configuration is of different brand product allocate, the difference on function may a few bigger, and the likelihood on stability is poorer also.

Is different?

This is the problem that a lot of ball friend often ask about. We know lubricious agent serves as chemical material, different color has different chemistry, but consider to make clear: The differs to do not have pair of sponge however character of lubricious agent produces an influence. The sponge color that covers glue at present basically decides at the following element: 1, the regulation of international ping couplet to equipment color. 2, the product management when development. About at 2 o'clock, be necessary to make detailed explanation: The development process of the product cooperates each other with the experiment of professional athlete. Abiding by the first regulation while, the opinion that can respect an athlete undertakes the choice of sponge color, and to strengthen management, the sponge color of same type basically does not exceed two kinds, the color of 22# sponge has blue and orange two kinds, 20# sponge has white and shallow orange two kinds. The athlete's can occasionally ceaseless adjustment the color of sponge, this is individual hobby is fluctuant just. On the other hand, what some athletes stem from pair of individual balls to provide is sensitive, can insist to withhold oneself the sponge color below outstanding form perhaps does not wish to exchange the long motherboard that uses 10 years. So ball friend is undertaking individual ball is provided anthology when matching, cannot consult blindly the athlete greats master especially people the ball is provided.
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