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With a bit experience of long glue argue
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A bit experience with argue length glueJoin time: 2001-05-05Author: Since of the Chao Youyi in the netizen grows glue to come out from the fifties, arrived 80 time end talent is real to broad amateur fan gains ground, it is before this fan people feel very mysterious to growing glue, feel proud with can having a long glue.
In April 1989 the benefit in ave of well of Beijing king government office gives birth to first time of sporting goods shop to buy long glue me, gules friendship 755 long glue, every 3.8 yuan, the excitement after buying for a long time. In the other inside the time that does not grow subsequently the long glue of a lot of brands also appears in succession, be like gold road, shooting star, red double happiness, long glue also no longer mysterious.
First time and contact of long glue player are Summer 1988, the other side surnames bear, at that time his age is 53 years old. Dozen of law of Bruin it is straight board snick, now and then serve grab attack, openly long glue is Tianjin friendship 755 do not have sponge, the opposite turns over glue to be used serve, basically getting minute of technology is turn in order to cut and do not turn cause error of the other side. First with the circumstance when Bruin fight hand to hand now still clearly is in eye, at that time dozen of my law it is left only push right attack, loop drive a bit won't, and a ball of the other side wave fleet ignore, receiving the past is not out of bounds casts the net namely, the kill is very quick with 4: 21, 5: 21 lose two bureaus repeatedly, in the heart after be defeated by a ball special refuse to obey, feel very nest fire.
We became very good friend after, often play a ball game together, as the elapse of time, after about 2 years, master gradually to growing the rule of glue, victory or defeat already was mixed Bruin is well_matched, my loop drive also comes out with Bruin practice, because long glue blocks loop drive,return the other side to turn into underspin.
Talk about me to be opposite below view of long glue player, with long glue (straight board) give priority to with pressing the backhand of the other side when player engage in a battle.
1 serve: Hair fast ball arrives bottom line of the other side is to add certainly turn or do not turn should contrast is big, control of because long glue is right long ball is not as good as short ball, it is OK that long glue answers short ball with short make short, and long ball of long adhesive bonding answers a ball to be placed not easily short, OK and organic meeting undertakes grabbing attacking.
2 receive serve: Also want to return a bottom line, be like can begin pulls arc circle, should pull add turn arc encircles a bottom line, long glue turns to adding the defense ability that arc encircles is very poor.
3 be locked in a stalemate: Between the be locked in a stalemate with long glue player, best oneself change the whirl of underspin ball above all, because grow glue to be close friends than top spin to the control of underspin, when long glue returns stage of ball of the other side with arch ball, the underspin ball that turns over glue rub to receive especially became top spin.
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