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Pull tactics and application instead
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Pull instead tactics and applyJoin time: 2001-06-21Author: Tiger tiger tiger
Pull the individual technology that is a kind of tall difficulty not just instead, exacter saying is a kind of tactics. Should apply better pull instead, must make an opportunity actively:

The 1 before one cricket that strengthens oneself
(1) use placement: Proper point of fall can reduce the other side to attack the quality of the ball. The following point of fall offer reference: The diagonal outside forehand, forehand come on stage a bit and backhand bottom line. Send the other side purposefully to be able to be pulled the ball but the place that cannot send force to pull again, let the other side be pulled first, undertake turning over pulling next.
(2) use rotate, speed and arc: Intense underspin, low smooth arc ball and faster ball fast the quality that can reduce the other side to attack a ball.

2 pull the other side instead the first board aggression ball
Because the first board the quality that attacks a ball is opposite poorer: The first board the first speed that attacks a ball is relative slower (pull origin from underspin and time is long) , have more time preparation; The first board the force that attacks a ball, rotate and the 2nd speed is relative weaker, be helpful for be being pulled instead. If the other side already was in active hair force, pull a ball to have quality very much, cannot pull instead right now, pull instead be equal to court death!

3 pull the aggression ball with poorer quality of the other side instead
This ball appears when you turn over the consciousness that pull without preparation, this moment wants to be pulled instead, although the attacks a ball quality of the other side is poorer, but difficulty is very great. If want to be pulled instead, the likelihood should be pulled instead drop period.

As to specific pull application instead, use at commonly: After serving, 1 have preparative region to turn over those who pull the other side to grab attack: Have certain difficulty. 2 receive there is preparative ground to pull instead after serving: It is the main application that pulls instead. Because receive,serve to be grabbed directly pull not quite actual, receive the control when serving to reach the designated position so, it is better to after waiting for the other side to be pulled, be pulled instead. In placing short control each other, 3 have preparative ground to pull instead: In placing short control each other, attack in order to grab for main tactics; But also can use pull tactics instead, control reachs the designated position, after waiting for the other side to be pulled, pull instead.

Anyhow a word, it is to should preparative ground is pulled instead, 2 be should pull the other side as far as possible instead the first board aggression.

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