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About " rip quickly "
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About " hurry up rip "Join time: 2001-11-08Author: In the professional article of a lot of ping-pongs and television relay, often can see and hear " rip quickly " term of this one technology, so He Wei " rip quickly " ?
Method and opportunity are applied mediumly to look in the match from fine athlete, can " rip quickly " regard as simply backhand of horizontal stroke board or straight board backhand reverse is taken quickly. Because in use is had,stronger particularity is mixed in the light of the needle, on the foundation that taking quickly in actual combat, people rose to it again new name, call " rip quickly " .
Use this one technique earlier, according to author memory, should belong to the Feicinaer in conjugate of male Shuang Guanjun of German team world. On the contest of ping of the 41st world 1991 and the 25th Olympic Games 1992, he and Luosikefu deserve to obtain doubles champion and runner-up to parting. At that time, he is serving grab after attack and receiving a ball, grab attack the 3rd board and the 4th board in, use backhand more largish than carrying force quickly, earlier than drawing time backhand, skill is fast still, and going up point-blank more be successful will cope with the other side the method that cast aside is carried inside the stage, got very good result, left deep impression to people. Prepare for war 1992 when the Olympic Games, chinese team aspire is breach with doubles, in main rival, german team is one of doubles conjugate that have menace most. To deepen the effect that to its the understanding of this cricket and specific aim train, call this cricket with respect to somebody since thenceforth " rip quickly " .
At this late hour, "Rip quickly " in original the 3rd, 4 board in make do carry the foundation that cast aside to go up, had begun the tendency that occurrence extensive changes. In apply an opportunity to go up, already by basically cope with top spin ball to transfer to make do include to be similar to the neuter globe that turns half rub partly; On circuit, also not just bureau be confined to is linear, development arrived to include diagonal and in road inside more agile circuitry; On the method, outside dividing backhand of horizontal stroke board, also be straight board backhand opposite is commonly used one of technologies.
"Rip quickly " main action essentials is, bipod is close to parallel to stop, stand by ball stage, come when the ball has wanted a net, bring to abdomen pat, shake handshandle does not pass big, lest affect drive time, in come the rise of the ball period those who contact a ball is medium upside, antebrachium right before upper part has one to erupt type shakes hair force, body focus changes ahead a bit, proper drive up. When the exercise, drill first fight back is general top spin ball, again experienced make do to be carried quickly, rub is cast aside and push half rub partly; On placement, drill the road in fight back drills fight back is mixed point-blank again first diagonal old point of view. In whole exercise course, want to always notice him experience sends force, do not borrow force overmuch, become backhand in that way " fast belt " .
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