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Grasp pat a method
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Grasp pat a methodJoin time: 2001-09-12Author: The ping-pong is grasped pat methodological cent continuously grasp law and tennis grip two kinds, grasp a law differently to have its advantage each, produce dozen of all sorts of different methods thereby.

One, pat continuously grasp a law

Patting the characteristic that grasps a law continuously is the same drive taking an aspect that using bat backhand, skill is fast, forehand attacks a ball fast and strong, when attacking inclined, linear ball, the change that take an aspect is not big, adversary is hard to judge. I now is to use this kind to make a way.

2, the horizontal stroke is patted grasp beat a law

I also had hit this kind previously, but because do not have,still be patted well finally and changed to hit pat continuously! The horizontal stroke is patted grasping the characteristic that beats a law is hand of positive and negative the power that attack a ball is great, the law is grasped when attacking snick change is little, attack a ball to send force easily to also facilitate backhand the circle that pull arc; But hand of positive and negative is alternant when drive, need to alternate drive takes an aspect, attack inclined, linear when the range that moves metre form is big, easy by get behind of the other side.

No matter which kinds grasp a law, grasp pat should be not tightened too or loosen too. Too urgent meeting makes an artifice inflexible, the influence sends the artifice movement when force, loosen to affect the accuracy of drive force and drive too.

Grasp pat should not be too shallow. When be being grasped continuously, the pincerlike that forefinger and big toe form cannot pass big or too small, in order to affect the flexibility of artifice movement.

In commutation drive when taking point of view of face, tone metre side, should make full use of the action of finger.

Everybody does not want constant change to grasp pat a method, can affect the formation of the type that make a way and style otherwise, especially abecedarian, should notice more.

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