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My to importance of the spherule inside the stage understanding in actual combat
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My to importance of the spherule inside the stage understanding in actual combat (shine bright edition)Join time: 2001-12-13Author: Netizen: Ping-pong is bright bright perhaps somebody thinks I write this card about the ball inside the stage to everybody not very is practical, but one of important levels that my individual thinks to measure discretion of level of technology of lover of a ping-pong are him the processing capability to the ball inside the stage. The ball that often plays together because of us is friendly, except hair grab fierce, receive a billiards to answering, it is to use the method that pulls first to answer receive, publish a ball to what pledge the quantity is differred slightly, direct before strong. Coerce you are in the match so, give priority to in order to send the short ball inside the stage, ability is unapt too passive at the beginning.
I am being received when serving, the method that avoids to use rub as far as possible to publishing a ball is answered receive, because rub is received,answer tall, want the other side to be the ace of an area only, to publishing underspin to come normally the ball has very strong attack capacity. My good friend, come to this kind ball, be indifferent to the position, should coming on stage only is almost one board rush dead, although of professional group prevent him this one board explode it is very difficult to rush, so everybody sends him a monicker " iron plate is burned " . I am in and when his match, receive serve all forcibly begin is not me consciousness is good, was rushed to be afraid of however, occupy actor first. Coerce he is given priority to with sending short ball thereby, through comparing my slightly dominant technology of the ball inside the stage takes a winner to move. What I think technique of the ball inside processing stage is the mainest is to change, let the other side do not know you fall one board should answer with what method receive, from beginning to end very at odds, dare not send force easily, the match was controlled easily.
The technology inside the stage that I use normally has, carry, place, nod and wipe and forehand shakes receive, often use at ordinary times only, master these technologies more adroitly thereby, ability of the ball inside the stage in the match is dominant, plus strong to come on stage or publishing a ball partly fight back, adversary just gets used to you not easily, and although adversary is professional athlete,also can get a lot of cent more.
The explanation of the technology inside the stage that I use and result are below.

Carry: One kind attacks the method of the short ball inside the stage. Differentiate by sort, belong to the technology that attack a ball. Have a movement small, skill is abrupt, the characteristic with active strong consciousness. Behavioral essentials is: In come the high point of the ball period, the lateral after drive is medium, go up ahead or before upside square (the basis chooses the route of the ball and decide) hair force. When drive, send force to give priority to with antebrachium, the upper arm stands by the body appropriately, centre of gravity slightly forward bend, this can increase the accuracy that the hand feels to the ball. When the exercise, want to handle the relation of good attrition and stroke. When begin to learn, to assure the accuracy of drive, can chafe at many o'clock appropriately, it is certain to wait for a level to have when rising, with respect to the proportion that can increase stroke, in order to make the rate of the ball rapidder, the ball quality of winkle is higher. This also is to be at present in factual carry out, people often calls this technology " carry dozen " reason.
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