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With fierce model the actual combat result that makes a way (bright bright editi
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With fierce model the actual combat result that makes a way (bright bright edition)Join time: 2001-12-14Author: Netizen: Ping-pong is bright in match of bright international ping-pong fierce model hit a law to always do not give good achievement, as a result of,I think is greatly, this kind makes a way very bad news energy and physical strength, the result often causes the actual condition that after winning first, is defeated. But new now regulation makes 11 minutes carry out, give more this kind of get victory that hit a law to bring the opportunity, because how this makes do fierce model the meeting that make a way is in before long become new discussion topic in the future. The friend that plays a ball game all round me is more very such hitting law, so I say my countermeasure in actual combat.

Above all: 1, want to dare be grabbed with the other side on the strategy, must go up from imposing manner first conquer he. With match of this kind of adversary, beg firm be to won't have good outcome. Because the other side is fierce,make a way, aggression is his strong point certainly, drill the most soundly also. His opposite defend inevitable poorer. As long as can weakness of gaze at the other side, and the strong point that allows him is developed hard, control the ball of the other side as far as possible only so, plus oneself active and active, ability is possible conquer he. 2, avoid much rub, because the capability of the underspin since the other side is very strong, not only rate is rapid and rotate strong, prevent not easily. 3, the arc that should notice a ball when aggression wants low, and force of the hair that pull a ball wants forward, make the ball falls glide after the stage. Because if send force,go up ahead, the ball falls the 2nd arc after the stage can jump up, be died very easily by the lid. 4, do not want a heart to put can " with defeating hoisting jack opportunely " the thought that won him to had better not pass. Because putting a weakness to be not caught, and after the strong point that allows him is able to develop, you still can win him. His level and you should differ two class above at least.

The tactics of actual combat is:
Forehand of hair the other side short underspin or do not turn, ball fast best some slower, stabilize his mood from certain level. The other side answers the backhand that grows to pull him first or sideways to grab linear, it is not important to rotate but must fast. Of rhythm accelerate suddenly can make him very difficult suit, do not be afraid of error, many dozens of bout won'ts do before this kind of adversary. If the other side is placed short, can carry him backhand is best, cut otherwise long to backhand of the other side, perhaps place again short also be tweak, can use the other side to be eager to grabbing the psychology that attack. Increase his error, but place bad danger the gender is big also. Because grab half billiards,be this kind of expert good fun that makes a way normally.
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