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Write be badly in need of crash the abecedarian that serve
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Write to be badly in need of crash the abecedarian that serveJoin time: 2001-12-10Author: Netizen: The person that a lot of begin to learn play a ball game is eager to desire monkey god master might to serve greatly, some are used, a few kinds introduce here very academic and get effective to serve quickly, but had drilled serving is not result of a day, still need oneself attentive fathom:
1. uses the pose of the underspin that send side, use when attrition ball ball of 1/3 place attrition is medium above rubber bottom, looking like is side falls to be close to sidespin actually, puzzle than hair law is being distinguished below general side upside the gender is a bit stronger, send prepare to grab immediately strong.
2. artifice pulls a flower to get together full power, bring patting brandish is the pose below hair side, but the instantaneous bat that contacts a ball is erect attrition is mid, contain the force that pares ahead, this kind of ball if the success of hair is completely OK bluff the other side jumps, speed power is strange big, and arc of the abduct that take side. If the other side is not,ball quality is answered if force is being sent to be hit in the bosom into bamboo general not tall, preparation is grabbed attack. Can combine speed short circuit serves inside slower stage use.
3. backhand uses the pose below the upside that send side, but the both neither when contacting a ball book go up also not below side, however sidewards perverses bottom, attention: Be perversing is not thorn. Perverse not to close immediately pat, and should continue to do side to go up or the false attrition below side, 10 have the ball the other side of such pasts 89 should come on stage or give high ball, preparation is grabbed attack.
These a few kinds serve especially forehand should notice to concealment quality.
Master easily and serve effectively what I know is not much, good as to might big effect concealment the gender serves by force is not 3, 5 months can have drilled, I know friend of a ball to served to drill 3 years solely. Want one pace to hit what practice of strong base ability reachs Gao Shui allows to serve so.

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