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The force that serve
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Serve forceJoin time: 2001-05-05Author: The force that of tiger of netizen tiger tiger serves is to serve in the technology a very important, what point to here is to send force to serve, can serve energetically. A lot of people serve to did not take out the greatest strength, the ball that sends does not have force buoyantly, basically be to be afraid of serve out of bounds or ball are too fast; The power with the greatest hair when wanting you to practice at ordinary times only actually goes practicing, force can be sent follow one's inclinationsly when the match. Because this sends force to serve,be not is to say every ball wants to send the greatest power, you can adjust, the key is you when need sends the ball with minatory big sex, should send so that move. The force of 80% is taken out to serve commonly in the match, crucial when you can one rich, give out the ball of 100% force, you can notch or have an opportunity possibly.
A lot of people can accomplish the hair long ball that hair force serves, most person did not give out hair short ball the greatest power. Because do not have this consciousness to drill at ordinary times, be angry thinks when the match but there is a feeling on the hand, nature dare not send force. Spare person when sending short ball light and faint, menace is small, so spare person between the short ball that often is not afraid of the other side; It is OK that long ball is returned, can notch directly even or have an opportunity, a amateur person basic training is poor, 2 come spare person it is good to send long ball to send force. If you had watched the match of world top class ace to the spot, you can feel force of their short ball hair is very good, can send the greatest power, the ball is very short, but very strong, very strong. Want to become an ace, need force of beard and hair sends short ball, because of ace between serve to be given priority to with short ball, sex of short ball menace is big, hair force and do not send force distinction is big, the other side is grabbed not easily again. Practice more at ordinary times, believe you serve very fast with respect to chairman together, you and ace match when just have an opportunity. Want to no matter your hair force is to be used at chafe or be being bumped,be accomplished, although you use the greatest power to also do not come on stage, curve is not tall also.
As to how to send force, talk again later. If everybody is sent in the thrust augmentation on existing foundation, believe to be able to have progress.

The keyword is the biggest the exercise consciousness that hair force serves is the biggest short ball of the hair that send force

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