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Those who teach you the technical study of one action is ordinal
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The order that teachs you the technical study of one actionJoin time: 2001-08-21Author: Recently, often have inquiry of spare ping-pong lover, when beginning to practice a ping-pong, it is to drill forehand attacks a ball first, still drill first pull loop drive; It is to drill first forehand, still drill first backhand? To this one problem, I want to still should abide by the basiccest education principle, that is successive, by it is difficult to arrive easily with the movement migratory theory undertakes.
Under photograph comparing, forehand attacks a ball to be told to abecedarian, it is a few easier that the exercise rises to want than pulling loop drive. Above all because, the behavioral extent that attacks a ball wants smaller than pulling a ball, the accuracy of drive assures more easily in phase of begin to learn, increase play a ball game back and forth frequency, in the meantime, in this one process, can experience the to the ball feeling on the hand better; Next, forehand attacks a ball basically is with be opposite the collision of the ball is given priority to, as a result of the reason of board form, the area ratio that the ball can come up against bat to go up is older, this should be compared give priority to in order to chafe, the loop drive with osculatory ball weaker demand, when begin to learn practice rises should get easily much; Additional, because forehand attacks ball and the behavioral structure substantially that pull loop drive,be about the same, make good forehand attacks a ball to have positive revulsive effect to pulling loop drive. So, when begin to learn, need not wear too urgently learn to pull loop drive, lest because be opposite of ball sex not quite familiar, master bad and appropriate drive point, in the process that adjusts a movement often, form endless and reasonable drive start, influence henceforth rise further.
So, does forehand attack a ball to drill what kind of degree transfers to pull a ball to practice again? Should say, those who hit style of law, technology is different, the degree that to forehand the place that attack a ball needs to master is different. Basic principle is, if practice turning over glue, attack a ball to basically form more reasonable motivation to finalize the design when forehand, to bump and chafing the ball has certain sense on the hand, be opposite in moderate strength when curve can be being made appropriately in attacking, study pulls loop drive more appropriate; If of the exercise is glue or unripe glue, the degree requirement that attacks ball control to forehand is more, had better be assault in the society after underspin ball, practice pulling a ball again.
Backhand half volley with push attacks ball difficulty than forehand summary is a few smaller, be familiar with ball sex phase as begin to learn, can practice from backhand half volley with push first, but time cannot grow too, the exercise that should transfer quickly to attack a ball to forehand comes up. After all, be in the following in raising a process, strengthening forehand power ceaselessly is the target that the Chinese always goes after, and also be the requirement of ping-pong sports objective law.
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