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Cope with the actual combat result that prevents arc and ageing to turn over glu
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Cope with the actual combat result that prevents arc and ageing to turn over glue rubber to make a way (shine bright edition)Join time: 2001-12-17Author: The netizen asks the glue that prevent arc the card that how hits. Cause was recently the club comes one old man, of bat broken, the ageing of rubber, already achieved the degree that be driven beyond forbearance. This kind alleged and natural the glue that prevent arc has 3 characteristics:
1, the ball that I pull, if insufficient firm, he is blocked come over the contrail of the ball is extremely strange and underspin, I pull him to be able to be blocked always however continuously, finally, I am exhausted and die. 2, to rub when, I can give high ball suddenly. 3, turn to adding strong underspin, he still need not reasonable take by storm.
Because I had hit the adversary of the law with this kind, know very well its fierce place, I am found in real competition process a few meet this kind of mate efficient way. So by feel and hair and ball friend people communicate a result.
Want to explain above all, the meeting after the ageing that turn over glue slips again solely again, force of a bit attrition also is done not have. The function that answers a ball is equivalent to growing glue, top spin of exemple Buddha ball, with such beat (no matter you use any behavioral technique) answering the ball that receives the past can be underspin certainly. Of ageing instead although glue is difficult make rotate, but borrow turn and the capability of metabolic rhythm is very strong however, when hit or blocking the other side to attack the ball that come over, the speed that answer a ball is not very fast, but can sink, and summary morbid comes back. So with the person match that uses this kind of bat when, the rule answering a ball of can incommensurate the other side, although change is not as unripe as long glue glue is so apparent, but because you are seldom,hit with this kind of adversary, so the first time the match is met very be in an unfavorable situation.
Above all, we analyse characteristic of technology of the other side first, accomplish a bosom friend to know those.
1. Underspin kind the other side is attacked more definitely normally. Because of your past underspin he comes back is top spin, the basis is hydromechanical, top spin ball can raise drive to hit the target rate, so underspin turns more the other side answers a ball to allow more. Especially the ball of half tall underspin of close net, the other side can be attacked come over the ball with very high quality.
2. Top spin kind the other side is attacked poorlier normally, but the other side of a kind of ball can be attacked more definitely, force waits to attack the past in you namely and curve relatively high ball. The other side can be passed hit quickly (already the ball just was hit from mesa start) , hit more definitely. The principle is similar in volleyball wave ball, curve is low smooth, fall the meeting after the stage sinks slightly.
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