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Serve about the ping-pong 8 attentions of the technology
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Serve about the ping-pong of the technology 8 noticeJoin time: 2001-11-09Author: Xu Qing and ⒈ attention serve the movement should accord with regulation:
Serve only two parts comprise the movement, ⑴ the upcast movement of a hand: Upcast height is more than be equal to 16 c m , upcast movement should be outside ball stage end line, prep above mesa and need perpendicular upcast; The brandish of another hand pats ⑵ movement: If according to new regulation, want prep above mesa, and should make the line of sight of the judgment of two side be placed in the middle and athlete of the other side, can see clear movement.

⒉ notices the specific aim that serve:
Know foregone those, emerge victorious in every battle. Before serving, answer to understand the fundamental condition of the other side and characteristic as far as possible: It is straight that fundamental condition basically has ⑴ pat or the horizontal stroke is patted; ⑵ is left hand or right hand; ⑶ is Asian player or Euramerican player; ⑷ is to give birth to glue to still grow glue partly; ⑸ is turn over glue or glue; ⑹ is near table quick attack hits a law to still be cut assault law; ⑦ is the first time meeting still is dab. To afore-mentioned circumstances, want to accomplish know fairly well. If conditional word, had better wait through warm up, kinescope, report, understand the specialty of the other side, understanding the other side serves, rule of drive, point of fall and ball road.

⒊ notices to serve to notch directly:
Through learning research all sorts of helix serve, experienced most of expert serve with unique skill, edge ball of the hair that be like practice, answer ball of foul line of head, close net, in a bureau that serve, notch directly. Leaving bureau the bureau in mixing, strive for active, pull open score, this is in " + is made one minute " in, show it is important all the more to be gotten greatly;

⒋ attention grabs to serve attack prepare:
On the whole for, serve to attack preparing tenet to grab: Raise methodological quality with all sorts of methods namely, increase the other side to receive the difficulty of the ball, make the other side answers ball quality not tall, attack to grab thereby created a condition.

Specific say, should notice below when:
The flaw that ⑴ uses the other side, with the weakness, in placement, rotate, change ceaselessly on force, curve, raise the quality that serve thereby, creation grabs the opportunity that attack;
The rule that ⑵ studies to serve, when serve, can forecast the other side to answer the circuitry of the ball with respect to substantially, rise thereby grab the probability that attacks a success.
⑶ exploits the power that combination serves, bring the other side into play. If hair is close net, short and the ball that turn, combination sends a bottom line, left, right, close body, long and fast ball, often can get the result of get twice the result with half the effort;
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