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How had drilled - receive serve (one)
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How had drilled - receive serve ()Join time: 2001-08-29Author: Zhang Xiaopeng is in ping-pong match, relative to the link of other, if serve,grab attack or be locked in a stalemate, receive the difficulty that serve the biggest. Because it suffers the control of the person that serve completely, and receive serve pair of person that serve the method that does not have any limitation on the technology, increased to receive the unpredictability that serve greatly. So, rise ceaselessly receive the ability that serve, control technology applies a logical place to receive in serving, it is the key that raises the match quickly to carry out ability.
In contemporary ping-pong match, active and active, first the technical style that begin is overall tactics. It is premise with this, receive serving is in reflecting the match by prevent turn attack, attack those who prevent changeover the most commonly used place. In relatively passive condition, pass control, achieve be locked in a stalemate, strive to turn into aggression again, strive for answering actively is to receive the basic guiding ideology in serving. The operation on specific technology is as follows:
One, judgement
Correct judgement is to had received the first link that serve. Bigger error does not appear on judgement, ability talks to go up to be applied better receive serve technology, avoid to have all over skill, but because judge,forbid and play does not come out of the circumstance often happen.
1, judge to what rotate
The ping-pong serves the whirl that middling appears basically has left, on the right side of come back up and down, turn with do not turn. Pass the person that serve to use all sorts of serving means, rotate these property performance comes out. Be like hand of positive and negative, crouch below etc. Rotate in judgement when property, can undertake a consideration from the following respects:
(1) board form: Usually, when sending top spin ball, board form is more perpendicular, underspin ball is smoother, inclined, this kind of characteristic and the place that the ball should contact when serving produce a relation directly, because hair tosh is mixed not when tosh, after the contact nods what stand by a ball quite mid; And when sending top spin and underspin, to in bottom and bottom attrition just may turn quite;
(2) behavioral contrail: Hair underspin and do not turn when the ball, what ball and bat contact is flashy, the extent that the artifice swings is not very big commonly, constant close suitably with false start; When sending top spin and underspin, the artifice swings relatively a bit bigger, so easy " eat " live ball, the movement is fixedder also, drive hind often has a halt, although add false start, also won't mix like the top spin that send side do not turn the ball is coherent in that way;
(3) curve: Top spin ball and do not turn of the ball move to be compared commonly fast, often have forth " change arch " feeling, when sending short ball come on stage easily, curve is low smooth; Underspin ball moves smoother, curve slightly tall, short ball comes on stage not easily;
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