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Teach what you enrol to say forehand pulls the drive place of the ball
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The says forehand pulls a ball drive that teachs you one action placeJoin time: 2001-08-14Author: The drive place with proper of Zhang Xiao sail, it is the main factor that assures the quality that pull a ball. Recently, making when coaching, discover to a few amateurs and teenager children athlete, because be opposite,master of drive place not quite accurate, the phenomenon that the influence develops to the force that pull a ball happens from time to tome, still contain very strong catholicity sometimes.
To the amateur, pulling the first misunderstanding that loop drive produces easily is, it is good to think attrition ball jumps over Bao Yue. Everybody knows, attrition force by two elements form pressure and coefficient of friction. If emphasize attrition effect overly when pulling a ball, easy insufficient to bumping force to take seriously word, certainly will should affect the progressive rate of the ball, in the meantime, very bad also play gives attrition effect, pull the loop drive that rushs to turn again again. Because of this, the first phase of the ball is pulled in the exercise, do not want control plate form too pitch, ball board and the first moment that the ball contacts, the half perverse form that ball board and ground maintain about 90 degrees can. Such, what can contact a ball more is a few hinder, make sure ball board has to the ball enough pressure, to develop the process that pull a ball medium attrition effect creates a condition.
The drive that pulls a ball chooses the too much side in the ball is another mistake that makes easily. Have some of abecedarian and amateur, see a few fine athletes often are pulled very the sidespin arc circle of abduct, undertake imitating then. As time passes, no matter pull what kind of ball,be sidespin, raise the quality that pulls a ball very hard already again. Because behavioral itself is amiss,still having some of person is, affect the exact position of drive. Proper drive place should be a ball hind mid, to in upside attrition. Should accomplish such, should be opposite rightly above all the understanding that pulls a ball, had mastered first before pulling, rush and add turn after two main loop drive, learn the ball that pulls sidespin and other sort again. Otherwise, will affect the ascensive latent capacity that pulls a ball. Want to notice to pull the behavioral essentials of the ball next. When undertaking centre of gravity is exchanged, do not make hip joint controls roll on vertical axis. Pulling a ball is not to throw discus after all, the force with such dispersive and forward meetings, in the meantime, after also accomplishing those who contact a ball hard mid. When preparation pulls a ball, translation of centre of gravity, can move right leg can (it is with the right hand exemple) .
The contrail that the arm moves also is the important segment that affects drive place. When pulling a ball, pull after ancon joint is not beyond the mark, make arm around moves; Want to open the included angle that is in in ancon joint between antebrachium and the upper arm appropriately, below the integral action of the body, receive antebrachium; Drive instant artifice has movement of one fast adduction, make ball board produces better attrition effect to the ball.
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