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How had drilled, receive serve (2)
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It how drill is good to how drill, receive serve (2)Join time: 2001-09-28Author: 2, accept a standard
1, carry receive
Carry receiving is a kind of method that receives short ball, cent is carried for forehand and carry backhand. From the point of the actual application circumstance of current and fine athlete, carry backhand basically use at the horizontal stroke board athlete. The essentials that carries received main action is: When the ball is about to cross a net, the hand is extended into the stage inside, in the meantime, inspect come the position of the ball is different, the foot with different choice is forward step, insert the leg the stage inside. Pat a player to be with the right hand exemple, if be forehand go up right leg, if be backhand, carry with backhand, also can go up the foot is the same as side of the arm, if be sideways, go up left foot, right leg catchs up with appropriately a bit; Come again the high point of the ball period, of drive hind mid, with antebrachium hair force bumps a ball to give priority to; In drive flashy, the artifice has one abrupt smile adduction (forehand) outside mixing, exhibit (backhand) , give a ball a bit attrition appropriately, in order to assure accuracy.
Carry receiving is a kind of when receive short ball more active method, apply well, can become passive to be active, turn into aggression. In current majority the athlete receives the times that give priority to with rub, when resumptive exercise, increase appropriately carry received training proportion, will be in henceforth in raising a process again, benefit a lot.
2, rub is received
Rub is received general and multi-purpose at receiving short ball, do not advocate long ball to be received with rub, also Chinese athlete technology hits law style place to go after this. Because the movement of chop is little, skill is fast, concealment the gender is strong, in applying practice for a long time, athlete basis oneself characteristic, undertook very meticulous become divided to this one technology, have fast rub, slow rub, place short, rub long, shake cast aside etc.
(1) place short
Place short a kind of method that is fast rub short ball. Its biggest characteristic is skill fast, abrupt sex is strong, of can active limitation opponent pull, attack begin. Reoccupy is placed short receive those who serve when, have wanted special attention at 3 o'clock: It is to rising firstly period those who contact a ball is medium bottom, in order to reflect speed; Its are placed short 2 it is the arm wants from the body nearly a few, leave far, control this kind of careful technology very hard, affect accuracy and quality; It is the arm extends a stage not prematurely thirdly inside, cannot form more logical rhythm move so, reflect hard place the characteristic with short fast skill. Abecedarian should make great efforts, experience above repeatedly at 3 o'clock, ability is likely it is good to place short practice.
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