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The how raises forehand to pull a ball force that you enrol
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Your how raises forehand to pull a ball force of one actionJoin time: 2001-10-23Author: Match of ping-pong of the national games, have a phenomenon very apparent: By the ball that drive force causes fast condition becomes the main factor of get the upper hand of.
And the power that what expression highlights most is forehand aggression, often can become the critical factor that measures level of top ace actual strength.
The statistical result that Bencibi surpasses makes clear, wang Liqin forehand pulls a ball continuously average 1.4 board can give victory or defeat definitely, and Kong Linghui should use 1.6 board ability to go. After pulling board number actively to increase, the probability that him error and adversary counterattack also increases subsequently, make the menace of initiative dropped. This shows, raise the quality that attacks a technology further, will be the training of various movement group is most crucial henceforth link inside a paragraph of period. Because of this, the article pulls the note on a few technology of ball quality to add a specification slightly with respect to influence forehand, offer the reference in training.
1, shake handshandle is unlocked appropriately. When hitting spherule, as a result of the ball fast faster, do not advocate bigger shake handshandle commonly, think the angle of an antebrachium and the upper arm is opened can. Now day, be being accomplished only is insufficient so, want to open humeral joint appropriately, draw the behavioral range of the ball in order to increase. In the meantime, hand as far as possible drive up, create a condition to send force ahead, make the ball produces bigger forward swing.
2, attrition ball shoulds not be too thin. Rotate can raise the accuracy that pulls a ball, but the translation rate with meeting influence forward ball. Be in same board in drive, rotate and speed is a contradictory unity. Pass to prevent attrition thin, drive place does not want too rely on to go up, OK and mid give priority to, board form upend, pitch does not pass big, the flank that avoids to contact a ball at the same time is too much. Such meetings make attrition a few thicker.
3, the waist is tightened up. The waist is to finish go up, the hub that lower limbs movement delivers. Reasonable lumbar start can make a movement harmonious, send force concentration. In the whole process that pulls a ball, the waist should stretch tight, the roll on vertical axis shoulds not be too big, exert oneself to do sth. ahead dispersedly in case. For the function of better play waist, the abdomen should close in the process that pull a ball, contain a bosom.
4, elbow is done outside side hemicycle moves. Carry ancon and clip arm are the mistake that the middling that pull a ball makes. When pulling a ball, arm of elbow be accompanying does outboard small arc to move together, be helpful for the hair force in drive, make force more concentration.
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