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Pat backhand to develop a trend continuously
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Pat backhand continuously development trendJoin time: 2001-06-27Author: Netizen Palio pats backhand continuously all through the ages is to be considered as the dead hole that shoots a player continuously. As ping-pong speed, gyral flying development, pat backhand to be restricted as a result of what get physiology account continuously, cannot it is difficult that optional pitch sends form and hair force it is the largest hole that shoots player technology to go up continuously all the time.
Make come for years the congenital blemish that the athlete of how many talent and trainer pat backhand continuously to make up for paid much energy, the practice that undertook countless times, also had the achievement that comparative. For example: Inchoate groovy half volley with push joined thrust augmentation to push, decrease thrust, elbow, plunge into underspin to wait a moment. It is next forcibly sideways, first begin, full stage forehand is attacked, again later is " pat by-blow continuously " " embark upon a political venture " , still have what be about to roll out is straight, the horizontal stroke is patted wait alternately. Experienced all previous of contests is experienced, carry out a proof, the backhand technology that pats a player continuously wants already complete, want essence of life again.
Alleged complete, want to accomplish a person to have me namely, the person has without me. Alleged essence, should accomplish a person to have me namely strong. Complete: It is near table can push, can opposite arch, can knock, the stage can be attacked backhand in, far from the table can be horizontal pull be locked in a stalemate or move round backhand, can cut even when be forced to do one board.
My individual thinks, will pat continuously henceforth glue player can be adopted " Liu Guoliang - Tian Qijun is male - Marlin " mode. The half volley with push of near table combines opposite arch, knock; In the ball with stage not old point of view, want to be able to resemble Tian Qijun hero can attacking two lines backhand in that way backhand, especially backhand slide is attacked arrive point-blank forehand of the other side, the ball radian in the past is big, bend, and ball situation sinks energetically, move plunge into downward after the stage, defend just borrow force not easily. Cope with the other side excessive one board small arc group is very significant, 45 worlds ping surpasses the battle with male Sino-Japanese group, he enrols within an inch of to hit Liu Guoliang with this frowsty. In far from the table or attack forehand answers backhand to usable horizontal stroke is pulled or be ripped quickly, strive active, become passive to defend to defend actively. The horizontal stroke is pulled be locked in a stalemate of the far from the table in undertaking can be patted with the horizontal stroke like wanting to resemble Marlin. But the backhand technology of glue should be attacked with backhand, knock is given priority to, complementary pull with the horizontal stroke, strive to squelch with speed the other side.
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