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Initiate little the new phase of cup contest
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Our country is national little the match basically surpasses composition by 8 cups, namely " nova cup " , " cup of exposed to the sun " , " development cup " , " 4 annulus cup " , " seedling cup " , " baby cup " , " innovation cup " , " Ao Xing cup " . These cup contest are held every year, the longest already held 33 years, short also have 10 years. Every match attracted photograph of hundreds teenager children to get together, exercise communication. Among them, the earliest cup is surpassed only then at 70 time metaphase, it is one batch teachs in basic level, to ping-pong career very have deep love for, and consequence is mixed the trainer of appeal force and school teacher are initiated and organize, got basic level takes part in the match gradually of the unit approbate and attend eagerly, enlarged the dimensions that surpasses 8 cups now. At this late hour, through everybody's joint efforts, through each Executive Board the altruistic dedication of each member, unremitting and fruitful job, these cup contest had become home " official of run by the local people is aided " the most important national little ping-pong tradition match. The throughout the country is little cup contest moves as ping-pong athletics most of the foundation national little the match, made very large contribution to foster mothball talent of Gao Shuiping. Almost all world champion of China starts from here, come to the city that it is a province for years outstanding movement group, even the platform that national group offerred to discover young plant, education young plant. Enter new century, our career progress put forward new requirement to us, we stand in higher starting point is the career that will examine ourselves to develop. Pass the investigation and study of a period, we feel current our little the quality doing contest of the cup still needs to rise further, the teenager children athlete that is us creates more admirable exercise an environment. Our organization still needs more young change, knowledge is changed, for us the development of the career offers greater reserve strength. The integral professional ability of our trainer rises again even, athlete of children of contented and broad teenager is right the requirement of person of Yo teaching a ball. Our system is in even again perfect, in order to make our match more normative. Every this a variety of, we will need to issue great strength to perfect henceforth. To make this match keeps long-term, healthy, steady progress, to can last what Chinese ping-pong moves development develops bigger effect, have the following opinion: One, unified thought, china of clear fixed position pings assist when annulus of honorary president Li Rui is interviewing the Chinese ping-pong delegacy that attends a world to ping contest comes back winning high praise, point out, chinese ping-pong header fills unabated prime cause and ping-pong a few acting people pick young plant early, choose accurate young plant to having immediate impact. He once also had said, want to pick good young plant, be about to scatter large network, scoop up big fish. For the current situation that with Chinese ping-pong athletics motion develops, little cup contest has the action that scatters large network. Enclothe a face because of this match wide, take part in the match the number is numerous, the player's enthusiasm is tall, the organizer is having the rule of thumb that is engaged in ping-pong motion for a long time, the match is right of young player exercise value to amount to, discover the initiative talent that suits to be engaged in ping-pong athletics moving easily from which. Be based on this, little the initial phase that the fixed position of cup contest should be education of handsome appearance of campaign of Chinese ping-pong sports, the thought of this everybody wants to unite, train of thought wants clarity. It is certain that ping feather center also can know this adequately importance, sufficient esteem is engaged in little the labor of comrades of cup contest job, nearly one pace is increased right little the attention of cup contest and supportive strength. We are imagined, from materially we should be increased appropriately right little the investment of cup contest, increase promotive strength, on policy, we want to be coordinated with total bureau, strive little cup contest brings into athlete grade criterion for evaluation in, utmost ground is brought into play attend little the enthusiasm of cup contest athlete and trainer. 2, from set out actually, do a characteristic. At present we share 8 little cup contest, annual each cups of contest is organized get the match accordingly. Because each cups surpass constituent start to differ, setting is abhorrent also, at the outset jumping-off place also has distinction each, the speed of development and level also disequilibrium, should ask with a standard all matches, it is highbrow. So, no matter be of the athlete,take part in the match the age, take part in the match group not, take part in the match object, the method that still does contest, place doing contest, time doing contest, want to set out actually from each contented, develop subjective activity adequately, do oneself characteristic. Ping feather center will be acted on bear diversity, with the biggest include what sexual support provides characteristic each is little cup contest. Little of cup contest let a hundred flowers blossom and flourishing should be the target that all of us goes after jointly. Meanwhile, we should raise our quality doing contest ceaselessly. Serve as the match sponsor an unit, raise quality doing contest, cogent education is mothball the obligation that the talent is us and duty. In process doing contest, want to continue to rely on the support of local government, education and sports section, strengthen investigation and study, choice hardware condition place of strong, zestful regards good, ability doing contest as us undertake the ground, it is better to be offerred for our teenager children player exercise a condition. Want to strengthen the standardization that does contest and standardization construction, here I ask, the foundation that contest Executive Board is in each cups to perfect respective constitution further is, should begin to make agonistic guideline accomplish have Zhang Ke abide, the law can be depended on, the standard can consult. 3, with when all is entered, enterprise of training qualified personnel develops, be in at all person. The throughout the country is little cup contest does contest to last long enthusiasticly so only, can develop for a long time continuously, shine what become exercise of Chinese ping-pong athletics together beautiful scenery line, the hard work achievement of the initiator that each cups surpass profit from and their work team. They are mixed with the persistence to ping-pong career have deep love for, below harsh in the past environment, below difficult condition, mix with one's shoulder to collar with its consecratory spirit, affecting the person that is engaged in this career, initiated little today the prosperous picture of cup contest, continue for later generations the career that they initiate created good condition. Little cup contest besides having the action that discovers athletics talent, he or organization of one case training manage big classroom of the talent. The abidance that should carry this career develops, foster young promising, have knowledge, literate, be happy the urgent affairs that the consecratory, youthful successor that has deep love for ping-pong career is us. 4, perfect system, make sure development wants to perfect undertake agreement, undertake the condition of the unit, it is the crucial link that manages good game. To because undertake,avoid the condition of the unit does not pass hard and the state that causes game quality to drop, should make detailed, undertake practically agreement, in the meantime, controller of each cups of contest also should be strengthened to undertaking the on-the-spot understanding of the unit is mixed make an on-the-spot investigation, sign again on this foundation undertake agreement. 5, strengthen conduct propaganda, building cup of teenager of atmosphere whole nation to surpass is the match of first step in countrywide ping-pong match, bear is worn the important task that fosters mothball talent, should make more people know it, in understand it and participating in its. Accordingly, make can strengthen to sponsor an unit with sports of CCTV, China world of newspaper, ping-pong, China pings assist the connection of the main media such as official website; In the meantime, the Executive Board of each cups of contest also should active contact with local media, or the propagandist strength that uses different form to strengthen comparative contest, enlarge the consequence of the match, build good match atmosphere. Be faced with now complete the formidable task that the Olympic Games prepared for war 2008, this is the times gifts our historical mission. With preparing for war the Olympic Games is chance, unite with the heart, hearten spirit, be of one heart and one mind, with when all is entered, work conscientiously, initiate the whole nation little the new phase of cup contest, to realize career of our country ping-pong comprehensive, harmonious, can develop continuously make larger contribution. (origin: In ping net)

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