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Little illuminative education is physical culture school of sea of Buddhist temp
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China present children begins to practice a ping-pong from 6 years old mostly, in 4, the meeting after 5 years is entered taller the province physical culture school of one class undertakes training. 11, the child opportunity of 12 years old of this age level is very good, they can attend the whole nation the match and all sorts of assemble for training, not just confine is in physical culture school in this small circle of people, the chance that contacts the outside is much, eye also was widened, can a few more objective to the view of some problems. The physiology feature of these children begins maturity to rise, there was certain base on the thought, be in a phase that have only vague idea to the control of some technologies and understanding, to this age paragraph the child's education is worth thorough research.

The language expression of trainer wants appropriate

Trainer is the child's most principal during physical culture school adviser, their every act is affecting the child grow. In education process, although the training of trainer formulate plans special science, but concrete result is good with bad, still want to discover in the ability in the process that carry out, if be carried out badly, so this training plan is equal to invalid. In specific in executive process how to go raising training quality, arouse the child's enthusiasm, this needs scientific and effective education method and the method of good executive plan. The child's savvy and thinking means and adult are different, they are more recipient the directest thing, want to plan training to the child to tell understand, let them understand, must want much union a few actual, after all the child's ball age finite, experience is finite, technical capability is finite, they cannot go to overmuch theory well understanding, if always tell a few professional term, can make them promiscuous on the concept instead, want to be able to capture a key in explaining process because of this trainer, capture the basiccest principle, will convey with the most reasonable utterance, let the child can utmost ground is absorbed, only such, ability obtains explaining goal quite.

Trainer should pay attention to oneself figure, must have patience, want to maintain responsibility heart of height at any time, want actively to explain to team member, if trainer is carried,do not remove spirit, the child also did not train enthusiasm for certain, the child always serves as the coach flaunt. In education process, trainer must want to teach the child with active means. Young plant assemble for training was held in Tianjin 2005, altogether has 50 many children to attend, I discover this approves the child to be inferior to a few batches of levels previously on the technology tall, but whole is more average, the best of its kind is little. This kind of phenomenon I of course cannot blame children, instead more encourage them to want to compete actively. "What this assemble for training risks a needle is not much, because the competitive opportunity of this everybody is equal, who increases an interest again, who can show itself, the child that can attend assemble for training is the whole nation is best. " pass such encouragement, children are behaved very actively. Such education belongs to the psychological education to the child.
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