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Special interview - Shilage likes most and Kong Linghui match (2004.12.11)
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Beijing time in the match of total final men's singles yesterday, after Kong Linghui and Austrian player apply ping of world of the afterwards that pull case to surpass again engage in a battle, the case with Kong Linghui big lead score falls to be performed by Shilage finally break up greatly dish, final with 3: 4 suffer fall into disuse, accomplished Shilage to become the first to enter 8 strong foreign nationality athletes.

After the match ends, apply those who pulled case to accept a reporter to interview. Should ask about him this match can say from some respect is overwhelming victory, shilage says is not, the achievement of get victory is very adjacent. Because Kong Linghui is a very fine athlete, so our score often appears 9: 11 or 12: 10 etc. Kong Linghui is in today the moment of truth, beg firm desire intense, this ability is the reason that he fails.

Why asking him always is crucial ball in the match processing is first-rate, shilage says to arrive every time the moment of truth, kong Linghui begins to show impatient mood, use backhand to control too much. Shilage says for fun, "Although my backhand has been compared, but I can not be Gelinka! This is secret, cannot say originally, the reaction at that time has had Kong Linghui some unusual, the audience on field looks not to come out, I what be at war with him face-to-face only just can see. " the match that he says pair of Kong Linghui again never of absolutely a surname, just a few favored class status are in inside, the insecurity that is Kong Linghui helped him.

The reporter asks Shilage is in China athlete Wang Hao, Wang Liqin and Kong Linghui like most inside 3 people and whose match, he says to like to mix most Kong Linghui match, because have psychological advantage.

There is overmuch excitement after he won Kong Linghui, because rectify the acclamation of a match is Kong Linghui, when so the match ends, he is lifting bat to the audience signal all round, this lets the one side that we saw Shilage is piquant.

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