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Graph article - total final Li Jing of civil war of Hong Kong of the 2nd day of
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Beijing time 11 days morning, male double match is undertaking total final in, li Jing of player of Chinese Hong Kong / Gao Lize is opposite a Zhang Yu of younger brother of the senior fellow apprentice that be the same as the door / Liang Zhuen. Civil war of this Hong Kong lasted full 7 bureaus, because both sides compares understanding to respective circumstance, want so one relatively relative superiority or inferiority is not easy. Final Li Jing / Gao Lize with one difference 4: 3 win promotion opportunity. 7 bureaus score is: 9: 11, 11: 4, 11: 7, 7: 11, 11: 7, 7: 11, 11: 6. The graph is the wonderful instant in the match.

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