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Graph article - summit of summit of Nan of happy peace king is right definitely
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Beijing time 11 days afternoon, final of female odd 1/4 begins total final, head bureau the summit summit that is world woman player namely is right definitely -- Wang Nan is peaceful to Zhen Zhangyi. Zhang Yi is surpassed as Bencibi rather the biggest popular, downwind from beginning to end downstream, all the way green light, face the Nan of king of division elder sister of fight hand to hand for many times, what Zhang Yi keeps consistent rather is sober and ad cool-headed, efficient style, do not look to give her there is what expression on the face. And Wang Nan passes change modelling, although condition appears very relaxed, but in the match however a bit is done not have lax.

Bureau two people hit into 12: 10. Nan of king of the 2nd bureau begins to be hit some are closely, zhang Yi grabs an opportunity rather fast battle quick decision, 11: 4 ends fight. What Nan of king of the 3rd bureau coulds there be to Zhang Yi again and again is medium the road starts aggression, zhang Yi appears a bit disappointing rather. 7: 9 when lagging behind, two people had time-out. Drink water to adjust condition severally. Back-to-back Wang Nan becomes score quickly 11: 7 take below one bureau, big score 2:1Banner. Apparent branch Cheng Yongnan sends the fan on field and have peaceful faction, applaud hip as one falls, each other does not let. The 4th bureau, zhang Yi uses backhand again and again rather, change ceaselessly line, the hope is striven for active. But it is this kind of impatient mood makes unluckily she is controlled by Wang Nan 11: 9 play away this one bureau. The form is very adverse to Zhang Yi peace. Because Zhang Yi peaceful condition is adjusted,knowing is bad, still have idea, she did not develop this match apparently normal level. And king Nan start is quicker, state of mind special loosen, on the technology instead start is quicker, very good play advantage, although,then last bureau Zhang Yi coulds there be very loath but still with 10: 12 play away, helped sb to fulfill his wishes thereby Wang Nan 4: 1 successful promotion 4 strong.

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