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Graph article - Wang Hao is replaced small brightness revenge to break up greatl
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Beijing time 11 days night, final of 1/4 of total final men's singles is undertaking in, after afterwards Kong Linghui is washed out by Shilage, this Austrian famous general begins to challenge Chinese player Wang Hao again.

Wang Hao leaves bureau at a dash 11: 9 won the first minute, this appears and develop without what affect Shilage, make his morale big instead brace up, successive in subsequently match with 11: 8, 11: 4, 11: 9 pull a 3 bureaus. This match is of great importance to Wang Hao, matter to the road that he gains the championship already, at the same time he also bear is worn the important task that revenges for Kong Linghui. King bright a bit not dare laches, the back-to-back path with its person still treats the body of its person, 11: 4, 11: 9, 11: 6 Lian Bansan bureaus, just 4: 3 win the match, signed up for the enemy of one arrow for Kong Linghui already, promote smoothly also, joined winning team. The graph is the wonderful instant in the match.

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