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Graph article - dining-room chance encounter " at public expense travels " Mei C
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In total final of contest of itinerate of profession of couplet of 2004 international ping, player of a lot of international is to come to China for the first time, for instance the partner of Mei Ci of player of Danish men's doubles pursues Geweier.

This they come to Beijing match, total cost by sponsor just offer, and because they are comparative,the achievement of contest also takes seriously in that way unlike domestic athlete, attend the match this to be equal to travel of at public expense actually so. When was being controlled at 19 o'clock in the evening, the match comes to an end, each reporter goes out to look for a place to solve dinner in succession, preparation reports the match in the evening then. Compare gymnasium of undergraduate of competition ground ground in the distance in a many meters 200 alley, have a small restaurant, we encountered Mei Ci and Tugeweier here. When we go in, two people had nodded good food to begin dinner, the edge ate to chat to rise by the side of us then. The dish that they nod has Chinese characteristic very much, palace protects gallinaceous man, citric chicken, burn aubergine and Yangzhou to fry a meal. The reporter once studied abroad in England, that time is European eat Chinese meal to like these a few dish generally. Then the reporter asks Mei Ci is European still like to eat these dish to now. Mei Ci says actually they are in home when think Chinese dish has only so a few kinds, but after coming to China truly, just know, not be the appearance in the imagination completely. Original China dish is so complex, pattern is various. It is European probably too simple to the notional understanding of Chinese dish, still eat these a few kinds only so.

Because this pauses,they just are defeated to be mixed to Marlene in the match before dinner old 玘 , and latter has returned guesthouse to bathe rest. The reporter is so strange why they did not rest. Because they are not very famous,they say, go outside so won't be recognized. Additionally they were defeated by the match to also be indifferent to, do not have Chinese team member in that way pressure, and Tugeweier is to come to China for the first time, so they want make the most of the capital Beijing that all time visit China. This dining room is very little, the position very devious, the reporter asks them why to have a meal here, they say although here is small, but have characteristic very much, very amused, price of the mainest meal is very cheap.

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