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Han ping surpasses preliminary contest: Country of promotion of new female doubl
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Beijing time on May 29, korea surpassed the qualificatory contest that began the first day in city of Korea land for growing field crops publicly 2008. Xu Hui of male single player easily consecutive victory two groups rival, kill smoothly into surpassing. Take part in the match the Wang Nan that female double qualification surpasses / Li Xiaoxia, Guo Yue / Liu Shiwen also beats respective adversary, kill into female double surpassing.

Xu Hui is in the match in the morning, take the lead in falling continuously 4 bureaus with 4-0 conquer rival of the first group. The 2nd round of group midday is surpassed, he with 4-1 conquer Aberdonian bright Mu builds Yi. Chinese player Zheng Changgong is first rank taller than oneself Singapore player Liu Zhongze with 4-0 conquer, subsequently with 4-1 conquer an England player. Additional, fine of horse of Singapore young general passes the trial that the qualification surpasses smoothly also.

Female odd qualification surpasses a respect, holand player Li Jie parts with two 4-0 Yuan of conquer Yin luck (Korea) , Xibaili (England) . Beautiful of Ishikawa of Japanese small belle is pure in the contention with German player Aozele, with 4-3 win by a narrow margin. Yu Guoshi of player of Chinese Hong Kong is in battle of a focus the Jin Zhenxian that beats Korea with 4-3, subsequently she the Ervine with 4-0 conquer Cambria. Sun Jin of the national champion before representing what Chinese Hong Kong gives battle first, first the Zheng Yi with Taipei of 4-1 conquer China is static, subsequently with 2-4 not enemy Dutch Yi Lianna - ladder Mi Na. Yi Lianna - ladder Mi Na is in another group contest with 4-1 conquer the Zheng Yi of Chinese Taipei is static.

Contest of male double qualification became the breeding ground of an unexpected winner, germany combines Feijiekeneisi / the Zhang Yan book that Haiersiche washed out Chinese Taipei with 3-1 / Jiang Peng Long; Kuwait and Er of Scotland combination A - Ha Sen / the Cai Xiaoli that Langmugaiyi beat Singapore with same score / Yang Zi; Austrian player Stephen - cost style / Daniel - with a ha be being compared also is with player of 3-1 conquer Germany abstruse Qialuofu / of Sitege; The combination crossing a country of Sweden and Brazil fines jade - Peiersen / Gusidafu - level ground hassle 5 bureaus, the Zhang Yu that washed out Chinese Hong Kong with 3-2 / Gao Lize.

Wang Nan / Li Xiaoxia ever was made public a few times of the beginning of the year last year brief conjugate passes on contest, subsequently nevertheless two people play a ball game together rarely, because this match must be hit from qualificatory contest,rise. Surpass seed of female double number one as sports meet qualification, they head talk bye, be in female double in the 2nd round of match they with 11-3, 11-6, 11-6 the Xu Huichun of Taipei of comfortable victory China / Li Yizhen. The Guo Yue of first-run and same bye / Liu Shiwen washed out Tang 汭 foreword with 3-1 / Li Enji, guo of the first bureau is jumped / Liu Shiwen with 11-3 get victory, the 2nd bureau they withstand of the other side kickback with 14-12 win by a narrow margin, combination of Korea of the 3rd bureau pulls an one bureau with 11-9, guo of the 4th bureau is jumped / Liu Shiwen wins surely with 11-5 lock.
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