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Wang Nan: Condition rises and fall is to attend open competition to have main ta
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Korea local time on May 29 today, itinerate of profession of international ping couplet surpassed Korea to make public contest to pull open heavy curtain in center of MACC of university of Korea land for growing field crops 2008. The match is surpassed the 2nd round in female double qualification in, wang Nan / Li Xiaoxia's combination is mixed with 11-3, 11-6 11-6 is relaxed the Xu Huichun of conquer China Taipei / Li Yizhen, promotion is being surpassed.

“ says this station Zhang Yi says rather originally, it is us two conjugate. Cause cannot come at her after, it is me deserve to fight each other with Li Xiaoxia temporarily preelection contest, the Wang Nan after ” is surpassed introduced assorted circumstance when accepting Sohu sports to interview. She at the same time other combine Guo Yue two pairs / Liu Shiwen and Fan Ying / the experience that there has been collaboration before Guo Yan, “ should say combination of this kind of doubles is very normal. ”

Make public contest to begin from China, this has been the open contest of the 3rd station that king Nan enters. This veteran: Sure.

“ I also am adjusted without what, the match uses up him the greatest ability goes hitting, ” Wang Nan is laughing to say to the reporter, “ Korea surpasses a likelihood publicly is me itinerate of the last profession surpasses open competition before the Olympic Games, must endeavor to hit so. Suit OKly still also to him rhythm of this kind of match additionally. ” really, long she of classics battlefield knows very well how to use good steel on edge.

The cause that Wang Nan indicates to itinerate is surpassed is the place of course had jumped over higher, but actually she still has a mainer task, it is clear that I want “ to touch the case of foreign main rival touch the case of foreign main rival, the hope can be felt a bit more morely through the match. Include dozen of new law and form, it is to should pass the contest that divide a station to come collect data with preparing for war better of the Olympic Games. Calm of ” king Nan bear now is the most crucial when. This paragraph of my condition may have “ rise and fall, perhaps can encounter affliction, I think this is the inevitable phenomenon before the contest. I hope to be able to go back to solve difficulty weller, so that more the play that is helpful for the Olympic Games. ” Wang Nan says finally. (Guo Jian is sent from Korea land for growing field crops)

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