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Korea ping-pong is surpassed publicly battle female ping tears open contest of p
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Report from our correspondent (Lei of reporter wool 烜 ) Korea of international ping couplet makes public contest to opened contest yesterday. After Zhang Yi peaceful armistice, chinese female ping tears open new to comprising two pairs combination to take part in the match, the country that does not have a predestined relationship with qualificatory contest all along pings brunt also enters qualificatory contest inaccessibly.

Zhang Yi carried off China makes public contest and Japan to surpass champion publicly continuously rather, this by arrangement rest and reorganization, the others daughter pings brunt all gives battle. Korea surpasses the setting of odd doubles project that restored convention publicly, chinese female ping also expedited Nan of new combination king / Li Xiaoxia and Guo Yue / Liu Shiwen takes part in the match. The combination of two pairs of China that from the qualification contest hits is first-run bye, the 2nd round part conquer the Xu Huichun of Chinese Taipei / the Tang Na of Li Yizhen and Korea / Li Enji, enter smoothly surpassing.

Male team 5 large main force take part in the match entirely, doubles still is Wang Hao / Wang Liqin, Marlene / Ma Long is adscititious the combination of old 玘 He Xuhui. What the bishop drills Liu Guoliang is valued more is successive absent the Burr of German famous general that China is surpassed publicly and Japan surpasses publicly, “ this is the final itinerate game before the Olympic Games, burr's condition did not see in front, so this secondary observes ” mainly.

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