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Han ping surpasses Wang Liqin / 7 bureaus seize struggle hard of the king bright
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When Beijing of Hua Aoxing empty dispatch on June 1, international pings couplet itinerate surpasses Korea station to end male double final, wang Liqin / 7 bureaus beat king bright struggle hard Marlene / Ma Long obtains champion.

World bright and beautiful surpasses Sagelebu Wang Liqin of male double runner-up / Wang Hao walks along downwind downstream all the way, early or late with 3 4 than the very preponderance conquer of 0 the Zhu Shihe of Korea / Li Zhenquan, Wu Shangyin / the Jiang Tianyi of Yin Zairong and Hong Kong / Tang Peng. Marlene / the road of Ma Long's promotion is shown slightly weird, they are first-run adversary is player of contest of a pair of qualifications originally, but the abstain from voting of adversary lets double Ma Jin be entered the 2nd round, the adversary wave Er that of odd is double horse the 2nd round / Xu Si also exits the match temporarily, they just won old 玘 in semifinals / Xu Hui entered final final.

After the first bureau begins, the force in the singles semifinal in the morning overcomes Wang Hao's Ma Long to appear very active, adversary one party, after adjusting, restore what the 2nd round of accident gives the Wang Liqin of the bureau to pass one day well. Both sides comes up to be hit be inextricably involved, each ball dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed gets everybody very fine, become in battle 8 than 8 later, wang Liqin / Wang Hao connects 3 minutes, with 11 than 8 issue one city first.

The 2nd bureau, the advantage play with the stronger capability of Wang Hao and begin of Wang Liqin both sides gets incisively and vividly, at the same time luck also stands in edge of double Wang Yi it seems that, wangli defends twice diligent after answering a ball mediumly to roll a net, fall in adversary at the same time. Wang Liqin / Wang Hao with 11 win the 2nd bureau than the huge wide gap of 1.

The 3rd bureau, double horse serves in Marlene, Wang Liqin is received serve one round this second on the advantage is clear, they are obtained good open bureau hind to keep banner all the way, with 11 than 6 pull an one bureau.

The 4th bureau, bilateral wonderful performance lets full-court audience erupt from time to time enthusiastic applause, score from 1 smooth begin wintersweet to see rise like bamboo, all the time war comes 7 after making the same score, double horse connects 2 minutes, and with 11 than 9 win below, bilateral total score turns into 2 than 2.

The 5th bureau, both sides enters condition already completely. Marlene is serving annulus second pass not to turn, turn serve let Wang Liqin feel do not wear brains, but conversely, wang Liqin serves in his annulus second also get dichotomy repeatedly, bilateral score is alternant and banner. With likeness of on one bureau, when the middle, marlene / suddenly hair power pulls open Ma Long score, with 11 than 9 get the better of one bureau again, total score exceeds instead for 3 than 2.

The 6th bureau, take by storm of actual strength of Wang Liqin forehand and take care of big characteristic to highlight undoubted, they are obtained 6 than of 1 perfect a bureau, although double horse after this does his utmost to chase after cent, helpless a bureau is backward and too much, wang Liqin / Wang Hao with 11 than 5 win out, pull score bureau of decide the issue of the battle.
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