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Li Xiaoxia 3-2 gets the better of warm up of Olympic Games of teammate Cao Zhen
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Beijing time on July 14 in the evening, deciding ping-pong Education Foundation to prepare for war in Heibei the Chinese woman ping-pong of Beijing Olympic Games team, undertook match of warm up of the organization inside a public group, by the country main force of female team of ping Olympic Games meets the mixture team of female ping reserve and male player composition head-on. What team of Olympic Games brunt comes on the stage the 2nd times is Li Xiaoxia, her adversary is the Cao Zhen that comes from 81 teams likewise. Li Xiaoxia beat Cao Zhen with 3-2(6-11, 11-1, 15-13, 10-12, 11-8) , get a minute again for brunt battle array.

Cao Zhen and Muzi are same, it is to give birth to glue, forehand to turn over glue to make a way backhand. Ball road of Li Xiaoxia basically is given priority to with force with rotating. After the first bureau begins, you come to both sides I count second battle to become draw toward score, two people battle becomes bureau phase in 6-6, subsequently Cao Zhen connects 5 minutes to issue one city first with 11-6. Glow of dawn of this level plum always follows the rhythm of the other side to hit, oneself characteristic fails to be developed, because this is hit more,jump over at odds. After the 2nd bureau begins, li Xiaoxia accelerates aggression speed, use the characteristic with strong capability of ball of him be locked in a stalemate to notch continuously, obtain a bureau like dream with 6-0. Subsequently Li Xiaoxia scores bureau point with 10-1, with 11-1 general bureau cent chases after 1-1.

Two people open the 3rd bureau bureau become 1-1 with respect to battle, the outside answering a ball as Cao Zhen two people battle becomes 2-2. Li Xiaoxia increased tactical change subsequently, she is rapid 6-2 of score expand into. Cao Zhen tries to strike back, dan Lixiao glow depends on ability of abundant be locked in a stalemate, instantly 7-3 of score expand into. Do not cross tenacious Cao Zhen or chase after score 7-8, li Xiaoxia must call a time-out for oneself. Li Xiaoxia scores bureau point with 10-8, defend as Li Xiaoxia's backhand out of bounds, cao Zhen chases after score tenaciously 10-10. Pass hassle one time, li Xiaoxia obtains the preceding of bureau cent 2-1 with 15-13.

After the 4th bureau begins, cao Zhen is first precede with 2-1. Li Xiaoxia is first chase after score 3-3, what Cao Zhen captures the other side is impatient score 5-3 of rapid expand into. Brush the carry balloon of the net by right of, score of Cao Zhen general expand into 7-4. Li Xiaoxia is in of spot audience cheer score of acoustical lieutenant general to chase after 7-7, subsequently Li Xiaoxia 9-7 of score expand into, glow of dawn of this level plum got 5 minutes repeatedly. After 10-9 precedes and the hand grasps check, li Xiaoxia is anxious to gain victory pull a ball to cast the net, two people battle becomes 10-10. Cao Zhen pulls the match with 12-10 entered bureau of decide the issue of the battle.
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