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Ping of Singapore contest country undertakes the whole thing Li Xiaoxia of drago
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When Beijing of Hua Aoxing empty dispatch on June 8, station of Korea of contest of itinerate of international ping couplet falls next heavy curtain, the country pings carry off the gold of 3 projects, this sports season first time ascended Li Xiaoxia the stage getting award of singles champion, after Long Zeji Korea surpasses young general horse publicly successive two stations ask vessel male single champion.

Singapore station match, the country pings snow hid major main force, peaceful, Wang Nan, Guo jumps the Zhang Yi of the Marlene of male team, Wang Hao and female team to proclaim absent. Accordingly, glow of dawn of young general plum and equestrian dragon instigated heavy burden, these two young general completed the task outstandingly also.

The male single final that undertakes finally is mixed in Ma Long spread out between Samusuonuofu, final Ma Long passes 5 bureaus hassle with 4 compare than 1(11 8, 8 than 11, 11 than 8, 11 than 9, 11 win out than 5) champion asking a vessel, this is the champion of the 2nd men's singles that Ma Long carried off 2008, also be this year only the male single gold that the itinerate of profession of the 4th international that young general of 20 years old takes up to now surpasses, be worth what carry is open Saidengding before Ma Long 3, what beat 3 times is Marlene, before two stations are in the Kuwait last year and Germany respectively. This, it is equestrian dragon first time in the player outside the victorious nation in finals, also signed up for Bensaijikeweite to surpass the enemy that loses the one arrow at adversary.

Female odd final is the battle that the heart of two Chinese players compares, li Xiaoxia with 4 than 2 conquer teammate, pick a second match female Chan Guiguan. Guo Yan one party, continued awkwardly 5 years to did not carry off the record that surpasses singles champion publicly.

In the contention of doubles project, old 玘 / Li Ping conquer Korea Li Tingyou / Han Zhimin adds a gold again for Chinese team.

Singapore player Li Jiawei / Sun Beibei carried off for Amphitryon female double gold. (Li Xu)

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