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Sports season is seized after Han pings contest Guo jumps changeover to seal cha
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When Beijing of Hua Aoxing empty dispatch on June 1, itinerate of international ping couplet surpasses Korea station to end female odd contention, guo Yue is in 1 fall than 3 backward adverse condition, pull 3 bureaus to realize changeover repeatedly, after Yan of conquer teammate Guo, pick a second match female Chan Guiguan. This also is her individual first round that this sports season wins surpasses title of female odd champion.

Guo Yue and Guo Yan are the final that infiltrates in Bensaijidi itinerate is surpassed 2 times, but before one experience is not enjoyable, guo Yue is surpassed publicly in China Zhang Yi was defeated to could there be in finals, guo Yan is in Qatar, be defeated likewise was in Zhang Yi is patted rather. Of two people last time fight hand to hand is to going in the itinerate contest total final of annual bottom, guo Yue with 4 than 0 be over get the better of.

Because both sides is familiar very each other, after the first bureau comes up, two people are contended for very intensely. Guo Yue for a time with 9 than 6 hold a dominant position, dan Guoyan serves through two his and the error of adversary, exceed score instead to 10 than 9. Although Guo Yue gets 1 minute subsequently, dan Guoyan with 14 than 12 the latercomers surpass the formers.

The 2nd bureau, through the ankylosis of initiative phase, guo Yue with 8 than 5 pull open score. Champion of contest of world bright and beautiful does not have Sagelebu follow the same old disastrous road, with 11 than 8 win out, total score is pulled 1 than 1 smooth.

The 3rd bureau, guo Yue holds to first the tactics of begin, but overmuch error makes she often is not had result and return, guo Yan holds weak lead dominant position. Be in backward Guo Yue to strengthen forehand further aggression, although for a time score impendent to 8 than 10, dan Guoyan or with 11 than 8 exceed total cent once more.

The 4th bureau, guo Yue's physical strength appeared it seems that a few problems, she with 7 than 11 lose one bureau again. This female odd final has been Guo Yue comes on the stage in the 3rd of today's, in the singles semifinal in the morning she 4 than Wang Nan of 0 get victory, and mere the female double final before two hours, she and conjugate of Liu poem Wen meet Li Xiaoxia head-on / Wang Nan, although obtained a victory, but the physical strength to Guo Yue is very big necessarily

Use up.

The 5th bureau, guo Yan jumps over Zhan Yueyong, come up with 2 than 0 banner. But, guo Yue did not abandon, grab through sideways attack exceed score instead to 3 than 2, pull open for a time to 6 than 3. Nevertheless, guo Yan today's position is excellent really, especially active error happens rarely almost, she chases after score gradually to 9 than 9 smooth, and with 10 than 9 grasp have a game ball. The moment of truth, guo Yue hand is not soft, she with 12 than 10 win next this one bureau, total score turns into 2 than 3.
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