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First Wang Nan performs organization of warm up of female ping Olympic Games big
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Beijing time on July 14 in the evening, deciding ping-pong Education Foundation to prepare for war in Heibei the Chinese woman ping-pong of Beijing Olympic Games team, undertook match of warm up of the organization inside a public group, what the match uses is Olympic Games contest is made, by the country main force of female team of ping Olympic Games meets the mixture team of female ping reserve and male player composition head-on. What brunt one party takes the lead in coming on the stage is veteran king Nan, her adversary is the country pings Mu Zi of young young general. Wang Nan is advanced two bureaus are shown slightly conservative, the circumstance that loses two bureaus to lag behind with 0-2 first falls to chase after 3 bureaus repeatedly, with implementation of 3-2(8-11, 7-11, 11-7, 11-7, 11-9) big changeover beats adversary, win the first minute for brunt one party.

First match ranks the Wang Nan of 4 to be opposite by the world a Mu Zi of young young general that comes from 81 teams. The match begins, mu Zifa ball is grabbed attack, take the lead in notching. Wang Nan reinforces attack, take dichotomy hind to exceed instead with 2-1 continuously, mu Zi's reaction is very sharp nevertheless, wang Nan is not one-up on this link. 2-5 of the Wang Nan after 7 bouts is backward, subsequently Wang Nan was pulled one board loop drive, wang Nan hit Mu Zi to unaware, the score on field turns into 5-5. Mu Zi of second half Cheng with firm give priority to, king Nan state of mind is not very stable, mu Zi backhand is successive two pull play attack, take next bureau spots very quickly with 10-7, take the first bureau with 11-8.

The 2nd bureau, wang Nan serves Mu Zi is grabbed attack notch, the score on field turns into 2-0, muzi continues to precede. Outside outside of rub of long ball of king Nan bottom line, mu Zi control is proper, the score on field turns into 4-2, on field of Mu Zi keep a firm hand on active. In bureau phase, wang Nan accelerated aggression rapid, time after patting, battle becomes 7-7. This paragraph of time, of Wang Nan be controlled quickly by Mu Zi from beginning to end, bureau drop is entered with 10-7 after Muzi sends force to be taken continuously 3 minutes, issue one city again with 11-7.

After the 3rd bureau begins, wang Nan lives firmly condition leaves bureau what obtain 3-0 is banner. One before Mu Zi net is hit opportunely chase after score 2-4. In bureau phase, wang Nan's rich experience developed action, she controls match rhythm very well, expand score quickly 8-2. Mu Zi answers a ball to brush net king Nan to have not enough time to do reaction, mu Zi chases after score 4-8. Subsequently Muzi serves, wang Nan answers a ball to cast the net. After Mu Zi chases after score 6-8, wang Nan wanted a time-out actively for oneself. Subsequently Wang Nan scores bureau point with 10-7, pull an one bureau with 11-7.
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