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First Wang Nan performs organization of warm up of female ping Olympic Games big
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After the 4th bureau begins, wang Nan continues 3-0 is controlling a situation. Mu Zi chases after score 3-3 subsequently, the Wang Nan after 5-5 lives firmly condition opens a situation to connect 4 minutes, 9-5 of score expand into. Wang Nan adapts total bureau cent with 11-7 for 2-2, the match comes to bureau of decide the issue of the battle. After the 5th bureau begins, what Wang Nan obtains 4-0 instantly is banner, subsequently Mu Zi chases after score 4-5. What Wang Nan obtains 9-7 subsequently is banner, but Mu Zili chases after score 8-9 namely, wang Nan crosses firm occurrence error when serve, mu Zi chases after score 9-9. Subsequently Wang Nan obtains check with 10-9, obtain final victory with 11-9. (Sohu sports red star boasts)

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