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Indication experience of Nan of king of the warm up inside the team often wins m
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In the country ping prepares for war game of open warm up is started when the Olympic Games undertakes a half, this is the need that the top player trains certain cycle on one hand, one kind also be pair of their psychology and training rhythm on the other hand adjusts. Should say the female ping warm up tonight is surpassed, antagonism is not the strongest, dan Wangnan, Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia got taking exercise well really in the match.

The country pings make impossibly main

The warm up inside the team, be just like wrestle of valuable assistant each other, hit truly wonderful game hard. Before the Olympic Games, the country pings undertake warm up, it is the need that top player oneself trains on one hand, also be a country on the other hand the way of the care of all circles of ping redound society. Although we feel Huang Biao the leader of a sports team has some of get angry apparently today, but can do the match such already very pretty good.

Above all the match of female group wants spot direct seeding, in the sensitive period that distance Olympic Games is about to begin, our competitor also is collecting our up to date information as far as possible, accordingly we come to the thing of materiality impossibly to come out. Be just like emperor horse China went 2003, to Kunming develop east stadium makes publicity contest trains inside the team, like letting covey call 2 teams, training itself need this kind of form, external environment needs as much to this kind of form.

Zhang Yi coulds there be not to come on the stage, and let Li Xiaoxia come on the stage, the arrangement of drill team has profound meaning. Tell from the truth, the opportunity that only the Li Xiaoxia that P blocks attends Beijing Olympic Games actually very vague, she replaces Zhang Yi to could there be today, actually more it is need of a kind of strategy.

Crucial time experience often goes to Wang Nan

Have the Wang Nan that after the netizen saw the match, says Mu Zi lets finally, the author not approve of such viewpoint. Because the warm up of this kind of property is surpassed, mu Zi does not have any pressure, she can be advanced two bureaus obtain a victory, still basically be the characteristic that she hit herself adequately, and Wang Nan appears too conservative. In last zero hour, it is Wang Nan rich contest experience helped her obtain final victory.

To prentice Muzi of Kong Linghui, her success is so remarkable without Guo Yue, Liu Shiwen, it is so good that latent capacity also does not have Yao Yan it seems that. Pair of Zhen Wangnan fall in open circumstance, for the Muzi that intense to living in competition country pings, it is an absolutely good chance that proves oneself. Think winning ball more, give a problem easily the more. The circumstance that Mu Zineng lags behind in 2-8 of the 3rd bureau falls to chase after score 6-8, already very not easy, but the Wang Nan of Taoist priest called a time-out in time for oneself, help oneself had adjusted not only rhythm, and the turmoil of Mu Zixin mood that makes experience insufficient. Be the ability that moment of king Nan key holds an opportunity, helped her win final victory.
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