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The country pings 08 warm up surpass women not to make a man Zhang Yi peaceful G
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Hua Aoxing empty Heibei is being decided on July 14 report (reporter Li Xu) in the match inside the team of Chinese ping-pong team that Heibei is deciding ping-pong Education Foundation to undertake getting a having sth new tonight, you Zhangyi peace, Wang Nan, Guo Yue and the Beijing Olympic Games that Li Xiaoxia comprises take part in the match battle array with 5 than 0 conquer Cao Zhen, Mu Zi and Wang Xi of 3 male players, Gao Xin, .

To strengthen the antagonism of the match, of more outstanding actual combat exercise a meaning, because this adopted what comprise by player of male and female to mix double battle array in reserve one party, with period make bigger trouble to Olympic Games team member. And contest is made also make with the team game competition of the Olympic Games have distinction a bit, come doubles the 5th by the 3rd postpone, before 4 all are singles. Result, zhang Yi parted to beat male player Gao Xin, Wang Xi in singles with Guo Yue rather.

Wang Nan 3 than 2 wood child

Close a few stations before assemble for training are surpassed publicly in, expression not the Wang Nan of beautiful is paid close attention to extensively. Female team bishop drills Shi Zhihao ever explained so: Training of the period of time before “ Wang Nan gets insufficient system, there is bit of chaos on the thought, training a purpose is not very clear, not quite sturdy also. It is the practice of general only, reach the designated position without real practice, match achievement won't be so ideal. ”

Before Shi Zhihao hopes to pass the Olympic Games close training, wang Nan can place a heart to come, practice arrives a few right things.

Leave after the bureau, muzi is grabbed through serving attack get a minute first, nevertheless Wang Nan breaks even score immediately. In receiving the match that go down, mu Zixian is gotten very loosen, use backhand to notch continuously, with 5 than 2 obtain banner. Although Wang Nan chases after score,come 5 than 5, but Mu Zi hits again 3 wetter than the Xiaogao of 0, and with 11 than 8 win right-hand seat bureau.

Easy again battle, mu Ziyan add the kilter of on one bureau, clear dominant position was held in ball of be locked in a stalemate, what maintaining score to go up from beginning to end is banner, final with 11 than 7 get the better of one bureau again.

The 3rd bureau, wang Nan reinforced active attack, and receive the attention when serving to change, obtained 3 than a bureau of 0, and with 11 than 7 turn an one town.

The 4th bureau, duplicate ” of king Nan “ a bureau of before one bureau, 3 than 0. But Mu Zi stricks back immediately, chase after 5 than 5 smooth. Received the match that go down to enter Wang Nan's rhythm, with 11 than 7 get victory, bilateral battle is become 2 than 0.
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